Advanced EFT with Inner child work to resolve Daddy Issues – Session 1 |

Daddy issues will not discriminate against you whether you are a man or woman, and/or the choice of your sexuality. Implying that, as a child if your father wasn’t the man you expected or wanted him to be, this is going to affect your adult relationships. Note that your father’s behavior whatever it was, has determined your beliefs about men in general. The relationship you had or didn’t have with your father is the foundation upon which you know how to relate with your partner(s), and other people.

In these EFT series I will be using EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you to resolve conflicts and negative stories reflecting on your father.

Please remember to go through this session for at least 14 days for it to be effective.

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In the interim, I’m sending you abundant love from love from my heart to yours.

Love and light


Invoking Christ Consciousness to Break all Agreements With Dark Entities

source-2Dark entities, negative spirits and other angry ancestral spirits can create havoc in one’s life. It takes more than wishful thinking or simple therapy to release the grip on them.

In this POWERFUL prayer, I invoke Christ Consciousness and the angelic realm to break all codes, contracts, agreements and associations plus the grip on this darkness.

Open your heart and allow the healing to take place.

If you need more work done, I specialize in helping clients release and heal from dark stuff.

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In the meantime, listen to this prayer every day for the next 9 days.

Sending you peace and blessings.

Tired of Attracting Abusive Men? 3 Tips to Unlock The Subconscious Related- Chains


Are you sick and tired of attracting abusive men?

You might have daddy issues. Read on!!

It is not only biologically vital but also spiritually imperative to grow up with our parents, mom and dad, or the equivalent, for us to develop and sustain positive-infused mindsets. Although overlooked, without both your parents in the picture as a child, you are bound to search for whoever was missing in the people you meet in your adult life. And that can be very frustrating.

Note that one is also impliedly psychologically and emotionally abused if their father or father figure was always absent in their younger days.

In this article, you will identify one of the problems created by not having a father figure or having an abusive one, and learn three simple techniques that will liberate you from this problem in order to develop healthier relationships with the men in your life.

The Problem:

Without a father figure in your life, you miss out on the security and comfort that a father figure provides (especially one with a healthy mind). A father is literally the first adult male you are introduced to, or is supposed to be introduced to when you are born. As such, he represents men in general and especially how men relate or should relate to women. Your father introduces you to the first standards that you believe every man should possess. If you saw your father treating your mom with respect, you tend to attract or choose men who understand how to treat a woman with respect.

If especially you witnessed your father abusing you or any other members of your family and never stopped abusing them, and/or never apologized, chances are that you have subconscious anger that’s not only directed towards your father, but all men.  The consequences are that you will continue unconsciously seeking out men with behaviors similar to your dad with hope that they might abuse you and then apologize to make up for what your father didn’t do. However, even if you attract men who are apologetic for abusing you, they will not compensate for your father’s abuse. Therefore, you will continue seeking for abusive men, over and over again until you deal with your early father-figure programming.

Daddy issues

The Solution:

Note that the tips I share below are not exhaustive of all the techniques and tools that you can employ to heal your early negative father-programming.


Take time and write all your early father negative experiences, or no-father negative experiences. Be as detailed as possible. To guide you, you can answer the following questions:

  1. What exactly happened?
  2. Who was there?
  3. What did your father do, didn’t do, or should have done?
  4. In case you didn’t have a father figure as a child, how did this make you feel?
  5. How did those experiences make you feel about your father and men in general?
  6. How did these experiences make you feel about yourself?

Re-examine all the related feelings about yourself that were developed because of your earlier father/no father negative programming

Go through this simple EFT and Ho’oponopono to stop attracting abusive relationships session 

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The Source of Inventions: An excerpt from the Book: Do Not Force It, Tap The Good


Inventions are available to each of us if we open up our minds to them. It is both simple and exciting. If you want to come up with a new idea or service, begin focusing entirely on everything you do. As you go about your day, if you feel uncomfortable about anything you are doing, stop. Begin thinking about ways, means, or products that would have made your activity more comfortable or enjoyable to do.


An invention is the gap between the uncomfortable and comfortable levels. That is how cell phones were made, to bridge the gap between the discomfort of having to look for someone all over the place, and the comfort of just picking up the phone and reaching them wherever they are.


The next thing to do is search the Internet for any similar products or services that you think can bridge the identified gap. If there are none, then you have an invention. That idea right there is what you can turn into a mega product or service. The only work for you to do is to develop the confidence in the idea and pursue it limitlessly without letting anyone or anything discourage you. Remember, if you want it bad enough, you will get it.


ttg book cover

Love and Light


In this session, we get to purify your conception stage: the moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb.

Note that some of your troubles might be rooted in this very moment.

May this prayer resolve all related conflict so that your soul can shine its divine light brighter, and express at its highest potential.

Love and light

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In this powerful session, I employ an ancient onion purification ritual and advanced Ho’oponopono for the inner child, to resolve life’s problems. Please follow the instructions, and believe that healing is manifesting right at this very moment as you read these instructions.

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This is session 3 of the transcendence series, recorded to help your soul achieve its highest potential. If you haven’t already, please go through session 1 and 2 of the series before you get to this one.

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If you feel as if your soul is trapped, this session will help you release your subconscious blockages, and energetic attachments to the problematic frequency in your soul, and set it on its journey of transcendence and full expression.

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Having long standing debt sucks. It is discouraging and projects an unhealthy relationship with money.

In this session, I employ a ho’oponopono process, and affirmations to help you dissolve debt.

If you go through the session for the next 9 to 30 days, miracles will happen–especially if believe.

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Having long standing debt sucks. It is discouraging and projects an unhealthy relationship with money.

In this session, I employ a ho’oponopono process, and affirmations to help you dissolve debt.

If you go through the session for the next 9 to 30 days, miracles will happen–especially if believe.

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It is that time of the year when we need to start releasing and resolving inner conflicts, plus all that doesn’t serve us.

In this session, I take you through a brief counseling session, and then a Ho’oponopono session to heal your inner child and release anger.

love and light

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Release resentment towards success, using the ho’oponopono session, and dive into the affirmations with an open mind.

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Advanced Ho’oponopono session & Florence Shinn’s Affirmations to Dissolve Stress and Uncertainty |

In this simple, yet powerful advanced Ho’oponopono session, I add affirmations from Florence Shinn’s book, The Complete Works of Florence Shinn, to help you dissolve stress, feelings of stuck-ness and uncertainty.

Listen, and repeat out loud or mentally.

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