As we all know, the mind is the most powerful part of our being. You can either use it to achieve a prosperous happy life, or a miserable, lonely one. The choice is yours to make. I envisage the fact that some things are easier said than done; however, remember that there is one thing that no one else can do for you, and that is- to THINK. The way to make your mind your SLAVE is to constantly think about the right things, things you want for your life, things that will make you happy. I know that bad thoughts have a habit of stealing their way into our minds. These could be bad memories, worries, friends betraying you, bills, etc. This is what has worked for me. Imagine a big deep-freezer with an easy-to-open lid. Visualize this freezer permanently positioned at the entry of your mind. Whenever bad thoughts visit, mentally open the lid and dump them in there.  Then, go about your business and focus on whatever you want to achieve. That way, the mind will listen to you; it will become your slave, and do exactly what you persistently and confidently think about all the time. WWW.TAPTHEGOOD.COM