In spite of the bitter fact that the world has a population of almost 8 billion people, some are still very lonely. I am referring to those individuals who are lonely because they are alone.  You might be living in a crowded city, but still find yourself at home, looking at your phone constantly, as if it owes you a call. You even begin to wonder why you pay the bloody monthly bill to keep it on. You check your emails, which might be filled with lots of messages, but mainly junk and work related. “There is nothing to do in this life other than work”, you quietly murmur. 

 Have courage; there is a lot you can do to beat this loneliness. If you can only but learn how to embrace it, and then turn it around to your advantage, you will thank God for all those friends who dumped you or are too busy with their lives.

Firstly, this is the best time to stretch your personality. If you are a shy person, it is a good time to go out there and begin meeting new people. Go to a park and initiate a friendly conversation with a stranger. Look out for all opportunities where you can say a “hello”, a “beautiful day”, etc and watch what happens. Although you might not make new friends instantly, you will learn how to appreciate every moment by observing everything and everyone around you.  Certainly, you have to do a quick mental evaluation of the people you intend to approach; the point is to be friendlier. Also, giving a helpful hand here and there is a good way to connect to people. Hold a door. Don’t worry even if you are ignored; however if you can open up yourself for a week, at the end of it, you will have a phone call or at the very least you will be calling someone to go out for a walk, or whatever else you decide.

 Meanwhile, you have vacuum your mind of all the negative crap; replace it with good thoughts, and avoid going out there looking as if the world owes you something. www.tapthegood.com

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