What do you do, when you don’t know what to do?


An entire week has gone by, maybe a month, and you are still faced with a big question mark in my mind. “What the hell can I do? You ask. You are faced with a challenge that has logged into your world for a couple of weeks, months or even years. It could be that this problem keeps recurring in your life and you are short of options to find viable solutions.  Moreover, bitterly, you can’t focus on anything else. You are probably hopeless and emotionally tormented.

This is what you do. When you realize that there is nothing you can do about a situation, stop trying to find answers and/solutions. Stop rehearsing your problems in your mind, which is another way to imply “worrying”. Remember that worrying doesn’t take the problem away. It only slowly but surely erodes your body’s comfort and defensive systems. Haven’t you heard of the saying “If you can’t beat them, join them?” This suggests that when you realize that your problem is bigger than you; join it and stop perceiving it as a problem. Start regarding it as something giving you temporary company, and will soon go back to wherever it came from.

It helps to remember that you are not alone. As long as you breathe, you are connected to God, who dwells within you.  Surrender your problem to that mighty power that is locked within your very soul, and lays waiting for you to put your trust in it. You can start by focusing on the things that are working out in your life. Turn your attention to the things that make you happy. This is the time to be grateful for what you have. Besides, who knows? If what is happening wasn’t happening, do you have any idea about what would be happening? Therefore, let go, and let God take over. Besides doesn’t it make more sense to give your problem to the expert?  If you have been approaching this challenge using the same strategies, getting the same results but then continue doing the same old stuff, then you are practicing insanity. It is vital to acknowledge the fact that you can’t do everything on your own. There is a universal power to which you are connected, that knows all things, SO, LEAN ON THAT!   www.tapthegood.com.

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