Nothing happens if nothing moves.

Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone – Yes you can

There are days I wake up and wish that I had remained asleep for as long as the world evolved. These are days when I am faced by a persisting challenge, and I am petrified to face it for yet another day.

Nothing makes sense during these critical moments. However, before I pull the sheets and slide back into my bed, I remember that nothing happens, if nothing moves. I get my act together, and focus on every breath I take rather than the 12 hours I have to preserver through until the end of the day. Since then, planning for the entire day is absolutely useless. Also considering the fact that I am not in the mood to follow through anything from beginning to end, I just take one step at a time.

One thing that I have learnt, is that exercise however minor on such mornings, is a kick-start; because it will surely push you to another level of physical strength. Once the heart rate raises, and the blood circulation gets moving, the brain automatically demands more activity. However if I still feel sluggish after the exercise, I remind myself about the “mind over matter” concept and then drag myself to execute a task I have put off for a while. I go within myself and stretch my mind to pursue something positive. And once I start, the rest is history. My attention is subconsciously diverted into what I am executing; which also retires my thoughts from thinking about what I do not want.

I just want to remind you that regardless of what you are going through, time will never stop for you. The bills will still come, and on time. Nothing stops to wait for you just because you are stressed. The good news is that, independent of your external circumstances, you still have a mind that you can tap into and stretch yourself more than you have done before. Believe me, YES YOU CAN. Stretch yourself today and go beyond your comfort zone in the pursuit of your dreams.,

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