Examine Your Emotional Relationship With Money

To begin with, I want to remind you that money is the most powerful medium of exchange in our times. Moreover, it is also an influential aspect of life. Although countries around the world managed to establish their own currencies, it still comes down to the same thing. If you have money, you have a beginning. This is not to say that money is all that humanity needs to survive and be happy, but rather to emphasize its significance in our world.

 In the past two weeks, I carried out a mini-research project with an objective to establish what people really think about money; what type of relationships they have with it; and most especially, what they say about it.

In the research, the first question I asked was, “What do you think about money?” 95% of all respondents indicated that money is not everything and that they would rather be happy than have it. Although this notion holds some logical sense, it also denotes narrow-mindedness. How ironic that these same respondents contradicted themselves in the answers they gave for the next question; “What would you do to get a million dollars?” Most of them responded, “I will do anything.”

One thing I have witnessed is that people are publically ashamed of expressing their true feelings about money. Even those who try, do so sarcastically. I have heard people comment, “I love money, BUT it is not everything.” For some, even just talking about it makes them uncomfortable.

Society has managed to confuse us into thinking that money is a bad thing and that loving it openly is a sign of greed. Also, considering the amount of crime and bad PR associated with it, the majority have been misguided about the freedom to love, and appreciate money.

I can assure you about one fact; money is a good thing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving it. It is part of us, lives in our midst, and available for us to tap into by doing the right things to bring it our way. Once we negate it in one way or another, we are certainly blocking the flow.

It is indeed insanity to be in love with money, but then tell the world that it is not that important. With such an attitude, you are confusing the universal creative mind that reacts to our convictions and profound thoughts by telling it YES, then NO. Within your mind, you pray and desire to have as much money as you can, while outwardly, you keep telling the world that it is not that important. Now that is sheer confusion. The point is that, as long as you love money, do not be ashamed about it. Say it as it is, just the way you feel about it. Treat money as a friend, and not a competitor.

Another way to attract it is not to treat it as a guest when you get it. Remember that money in circulation is in a great energetic flow of supply and demand. When it is tucked away in a safe tin under your bed, it is useless. Spend it, not irresponsibly, but wisely.

Money is never lost, per se. It has never fallen off planet Earth into the void. Recessions only create situations whereby it is removed from the majority’s hands and put into those of the wealthy minority. However, it is still here on our Earth.

So what type of relationship do you have with money? Examine what you say about it, the way you hold it, spend it and/or save it. What mood do you find yourself in, whenever you get money? If any of your answers diverted from “with love,” then you have to examine your thought processes. You have to erase all the negative lies you have ever had about money from your mind. Then, you have to treat money with love. Even when you are paying a bill, thank it for coming your way, since it has enabled you to pay that bill.

You may want to go through this meditation every morning, either as you have a shower or drive to work.

          I am a magnet to money

          I have all the money I need

          I love money and money loves me


Say these few words out loud repetitively every morning for a couple of days and you will be surprised about how everything will begin synchronizing itself to meet your financial needs. The most important ingredient in this formula is faith. Develop faith that you are attracting abundance. Remember repetition is the key. I am not saying that when you do this money will fall from the heavens just like manna. The point is that once you have a positive attitude toward it, you will get mind-leads and strategies about how to get it.

Most importantly, in the spiritual realm of things, likes attract likes. It has been told over and over again by the wise ones from all walks of life that we attract what we are. Therefore, learn how to receive it and also give money.

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