When the going gets tough….

When the going gets tough…..

The famous saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” is no joke.

In these global economic and social turbulent times, only those with a thick skin can survive. With the recession stretching many to a new level of stress, including self discovery, innovation and change, some are just launching their ideas and/or products/services in new markets; markets which are circulated, blocked and/or almost inaccessible.

 Regardless of the nature of product/service one is launching, there are quite a few challenges involved. The fact that substitution of these products and/or services is easier than ever before, leaves one wondering whether it is really worth the effort to try and penetrate his/her target market.

 I have learnt one thing. Everything begins within you. If you have the profound desire to succeed at what you do, nothing will stop you. You will face the world, competition or whatever else is challenging, with vigor, determination and bliss. This is what I call toughness because no obstacle seems to be big enough to hinder one from trying. Persistence is key. Working with your mental and emotional abilities to have a positive outlook towards life is a profitable element. Back home in Africa, there is a saying that “famers never quit cultivating their land just because there was a storm the previous day.” They wake up the next morning as if nothing happened, and start all over again.

Therefore, regardless of how hard your situation appears to be, or how challenging things are for you at the moment, remember you are the only one who can get going. Kick yourself harder, and stretch yourself more than you ever did. Then you will discover that when the going gets tough, indeed the tough get going.

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