Do Not Underestimate Negativity:

Negativity in its true form is energy; a strong energy that holds its space firm, and consistently as long as positivity doesn’t come in to dissipate it. Furthermore, energy is never lost; which also implies that negativity moves freely and joyously in our conscious and subconscious selves preparing to create our future.  It takes on different forms to manifest in our experiences.  It is indeed a critical energetic field that should never be ignored.

Some of the outcomes of negativity include but are not limited to; dis-ease, lack and limitation, loneliness, lack of clarity and self hatred.

One thing that we all need to comprehend is that negativity doesn’t just develop unfavorable experiences by mistake, or on its own. The host normally engages in mental and/or physical activities that slowly but surely transform into sources of future encounters. The sad thing however, is that once this negativity is well nurtured and/or fed, it will continue blocking, disorganizing, reversing and limiting one who has allowed it to build a house in his/her conscious and/or subconscious.  It is a like being in form of a devil or sneaky enemy that keeps a close eye on all one is planning to do. It tends to have invisible, but significant swords, guns and machetes, I tell you. Because, just as one tries to stabilize or settle down in whatever pursuit he/she has sweated for, “Mr. Negativity” comes along and cuts off the roots of the positive experience’s full manifestation. It might come in form of a fearful thought, doubt or procrastination. Whatever way negativity crops in, it will use its full force to hold one back.


For instance, one may be driving for an interview and then gets a flat tire; or he/she could be rushing for that golden opportunity that he/she has been waiting for, for what seems like a century.  However as he/she pulls into the main street from his/her house to his/her destination, the car’s battery runs out, just to get stuck in the middle of the road. Moreover, a trend of similar circumstances has been bombarding his/her experiences, which has left him/her despondent and angry.

If you are reading this article and you happen to be in your thirties and above, but still hasn’t figured out your life purpose, then it is time to do a reality check. You have probably tried out so many things but everything has failed. “Why was I born?” you may have asked this question over and over again. My question is; what measures have you taken to get rid of this negativity? 

Look out for my next week’s article for some of the tools you could use to unhook yourself from NEGATIVITY, and begin living the life you are met to live.

The snivel of Self Sabotage:

Before I learnt about the true meaning and implications of self sabotage, I always considered it an attitude of the weak, and negative minded. Little did I know then, that self-sabotage logs in almost everyone’s unconscious mind, especially those who have gone through unpleasant situations in their lives.  This self sabotage awaits to block the host’s success whenever opportunities present themselves.

Self sabotage is therefore not to be ignored. It is like a vampire that sucks onto one’s enthusiasm to change his/her situation, and feeds into procrastination, laziness and “excuses manufacturing.” I call it “excuses manufacturing” because I have related to some of the most determined self ‘sabotagers’ in this world.  Believe me; they certainly manufacture excuses profoundly and instantaneously.

A friend of mine was laid off a couple of years back, and to date he is still unemployed. Moreover, he is highly educated, energetic and a prayer warrior.  I tell you, when this guy starts praying, you will think that God is in the room listening. If his prayers were directives, he would be in Donald Trump’s social class. However, surprisingly, he remains financially handicapped, and everything in his life continues to fall apart. It came to a point when he could neither feed himself, nor pay his bills. Then the eviction notice came in. He was taken to court, and in time, became homeless. What is ironic is that he had a loving family in Florida who had encouraged him for months to move back. They promised to take care of him, and also find him a job. But he didn’t want to leave Los Angeles because “he had friends here.” Sadly when he found himself homeless, none of his “friends” came to his rescue.

I also attempted to connect several job opportunities for him, but he always found reasons; “It is too far; I hate driving on the freeway; I don’t like the name of the company you are trying to connect me to; I can’t do that job; it is too cheap; I am not comfortable with doing the job.”  Indeed, he was the “reasons man.”

This is but one of the examples that exemplify the traits of a self sabotager.

Do you self sabotage yourself? Don’t answer that. Rather, for the next couple of days, evaluate the things you have been putting off, and examine the reasons you have for not pursuing these things. More still, examine your fears. Find out if they are valid. Begin focusing on yourself and look out for the excuses you give for not pursuing certain things. Also, are you where you wanna be in life? If not, then find out the part you have played in creating your current reality.

The Power of a woman’s Intuition in Relationships:


As mothers of this planet, we are all born and immensely embraced with the power of intuition. This power is literally the voice of God through which he communicates to us. It is that little voice that tells us to do, or not to do certain things when we are faced with indecision.

 On the other hand, God created men with a power not so easy to put words on; one that gives them the courage and confidence to approach women, strangers for that matter, and then convince them to get into their beds. Take it or not, that is POWER!  However, God is reasonable; because the intuition he/she gave us as women, equips us with the skills to deal with men. The challenge is for us to constantly be in touch with ourselves.

 The wise ones have advocated for centuries for the discipline of living in the moment, and that is not without its benefits.  When you are in a relationship, it is important not lose yourself completely into the man’s world. This means that you remain in touch with yourself, but at the same time focus on your man with your brain, heart and mind. It is about balance. That way, you will not only enjoy yourself in the relationship, but also notice changes whenever they arise. Also, you will listen to that magic inner voice whenever it speaks, or directs you to be cautious, question something, or change your game. If you are very observant and more grounded than egoistic, you will be able to see red flags or signs that could give you insight into what your man could be doing behind your back. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be policing him. It simply means that you are alert, confident and do love yourself enough not to stay in a relationship that is more emotionally draining than uplifting.

 Severally, my girl friends tell me about how they caught their men red-handed cheating, perusing through dating sights, or doing whatever else is negative for the relationship; and they appear so surprised. “It was so abrupt. I was so shocked,” they claim. The only shock to me is the fact that these ladies were so out of touch of their intuitive-selves that they failed to recognize the red signs. Remember that men are not as cautious and detailed as we are. If there are changes in a man’s routine, or a discovery of new interests, he will subconsciously start changing his behavior. Moreover if you are observant, you will know in due time and then change your game. Keep in mind that love is like a puzzle. As an individual, you are the only one in control of your own feelings. If you let others manipulate them directly or indirectly through their actions, you are the loser, not them.

 Below is a list of some of the things that men do when they are cheating, or at the very least, have the intention to:-

–         They buy new under wears

–         They buy new colognes and/or perfumes

–         They put a password on their phones

–         If they have not been taking the garbage out and have always complained about it, they start taking it out before you even ask.

–         If they haven’t been using mouth wash or flossing, they will get into the habit

–         They will appear more tired and distant than usual.

–         If they have been choosing their own clothes and have always had a problem with you choosing for them what to wear, they will ask for your opinion.

–         They won’t look at you straight in the eye.

–         Some may begin critiquing your weight or clothes, something they didn’t do in the past.

 These are some of the things that men will do if their attention is being drawn to someone else.  Also, if you are always present in every situation, enjoying and absorbing every stance of the relationship, and also listening to your intuition, you will be able to smell a man’s crap before it gets to you.

 So my dear sisters, stop being shocked. Use your intuition and self-love to stay current with the relationship. Don’t be left out of the game.