How to get rid of negativity.


After confirming that you have negative energy impacting your life, it is important to rectify its source. Once the source is established, then it is easier to disconnect yourself from its influences.

Negativity being such a huge field with different origins, it impacts our lives differently. Note that if this negativity is rooted in a simple situation of wrongful thinking or consistent worry, it is easier to deal with.  However if it is originating from external forces, fields, beings or energies, then it takes more vigor and skill to get rid of.  External sources could be those fed by evil people who either send out negative thoughts, or actually make an effort to practice witchcraft. This is when things get a bit complicated.

In this article, I will tackle the issue of dealing with negative energy that originates from oneself through activities, such as wrongful thinking, worry, doubt, deceit, laziness and anything else that is self created.

To completely eradicate this kind of energy, one still has to find its causes.

The first step is to ask yourself what ignites your wrongful thinking, worry, doubt, fear and whatever else is negative. Remember that being honest with yourself is vital to your healing. Also, considering the fact that the mind enjoys and tends to hold onto pity, worry and any other negative feelings it has been entertained with for a while, one should take time to really dig deep and establish the core of the problem. It might take time to get to the root of things; however repetition creates expertise when embraced with focus.


Once the cause or source of one’s negativity is established, then he/she has to ascertain why he/she keeps dwelling on it. For example; I was once racially harassed at a job, and because I didn’t deal with its impact at the emotional level, I went around thinking that everyone of a different race from mine was harassing me. Even when they were nice and friendly, a voice in my head kept screaming, “pretenders.”  Due to this belief, I lost a lot of friends because I always expected the worst. I thought everyone I met had an intention to harass or discriminate me in some way. This kept me worried all the time.  Then, I hated meeting new people for the fear of being exposed to discrimination.  I underestimated the impact of my previous experience and what it did to my mind. Apparently, evidently, I let my past experience build a firm belief in my mind that kept me negative and resentful.  It is only when I sort spiritual counseling that the healer dealt with my beliefs and helped me get rid of them.


If you are in a similar situation, these are some of the steps you can take to rid yourself off the negativity.

–          After establishing the cause of this negativity, go within and forgive yourself. Tell yourself several times that “I forgive and love myself unconditionally.” You could do this every morning or night while taking a shower or whenever you get a moment alone during day. It is advisable to exercise this for a minimum of nine days.

–          Get time alone, no cell phones, no television, and no interruptions. Get a piece of pen and paper and write a letter to the person or situation that created that negative belief. Remember that this letter shouldn’t be sent. Rather, use it to download every negative memory in your mind. It is okay to feel emotional as you write the letter.  The point is to write everything you want to tell this person or situation without holding anything back. After writing the letter, put it aside for a maximum of 4 hours; read it again and then burn it. As you do this, talk to the situation or person as if they are sitting on the top of the letter“I have removed you from my conscious and subconscious mind, and now I am burning you out my life. You are smoke and ashes and no more in my life, tell it.  You may wanna do this for a couple of days until you have nothing more to write about regarding the situation.

–          The next step is to light up a couple of white candles (number of candles doesn’t matter), sit in front of them for a few minutes and visualize a white light surrounding you and cleansing all your energies, mind, spirit and body.  Leave the candles to burn out and before you go to bed that night, say “thank you” to yourself.


In the next article I will continue with more suggestions about how to block oneself from negative energy.

10 thoughts on “How to get rid of negativity.

  1. This seems like a good article but you decided to say that people who practice witchcraft are “evil” and “send out negative thoughts”. If you actually “make an effort” to READ a book or two on witchcraft then you might understand if you’re not too close-minded. Yes there are those who practice dark witchcraft or black magick but there are more out there that practice witchcraft for good and positivity for themselves, others and the universe as a whole. So before you go and say anything about witchcraft, I suggest you get rid of the things you’ve been brainwashed to believe and actually do some research on this matter.

    Thank you.

    • Hello there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please refer back to the article. Quoting from the paragraph where I mentioned witchcraft – “External sources could be those fed by evil people who either send out negative thoughts, or actually make an effort to practice witchcraft. This is when things get a bit complicated”
      It is clearly indicated that evil people who decide to practice witch craft promote negativity. That is what I meant. I wasn’t referring to people who practice witch craft per se; but the evil people who practice it to harm others. Sorry about the misconception.

      Thank you

  2. Hi I am a 42year old indian female and from the time I no myself a lot of bad happen to me. My dad left home, I lost a baby, my husband cheated on me. Etc. I just bought a new car and from the day I brought it home there is always an issue with it although its brand new. Example a light got burst, while parking it got scrtached on the pavement. How much more can a person take. Please help

    • Hi Ashiaka
      I am sorry to hear about your troubles. At a snap shot-reference to your email, I’m made to believe that your problems are rooted from a childhood issue. The rest of your experiences are just after effects of the root cause. The first question, I am going to ask you is- when your father left, how did it make you feel? how old were you?
      Next, get a piece of paper and fill in the blanks to this statement:- “I would like to erase, clean and heal my life from……. ” Fill in the gaps and write as much as you want. Just write down as much as you can-whatever comes to your mind; and send me the answers at I will endeavor to give you all the advice and help I can.
      Meanwhile, start breathing deeply every morning for at least 2 minutes before you get out of bed-while imagining that you are breathing in positive energy and happiness; and breathing out all that doesn’t elevate your life.

      Be courageous. Don’t give up.


  3. Superb issues once and for all, you just acquired some sort of brand innovative viewer. What may you actually advocate when it comes to this post you developed a week before? Just about any certain?

  4. Hi, I am trying very hard to keep positive thoughts on my life. My relationship, my children, my job ect.. but as the day progresses my thoughts take a rapid turn for the worse. I do how ever believe all these thoughts and feelings are comming from another person who does not want me happy or in this relationship. Maybe they have feelings for him and have beaten me down I dont know this is just how it feels. I am going to take your advice and see where it takes me. If you have amy othet advice please share, im at the end of my rope and ready to throw in the towel. Thank you

    • Hi,
      I’m sorry to hear that you are going through some things. One thing that I do when my thoughts are bombarding me with negativity, I slow down. I start focusing on the good things in my life. Every day, I write down 10 things that make me feel good about myself; 10 things that make me feel proud; and 10 things that I’m grateful for. By doing this exercise, I start re-tuning my thoughts to focus on the good, and not anyone else who might be promoting negativity in my life. Try it; it could work.
      I hope you feel better; am sure you will.

      Sending you love and light
      Dr. Jacinta Mariah

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