Raise your Vibration:

Metaphysically, experience reflects on one’s personal emotional frequencies or mood vibrations.

Often and again, when the prevailing circumstances are not favorable, our moods recline. This is also a direct expression of our vibrations’ energetic frequencies.  At that frequency, there is a high possibility that we do not only perceive, but also attract situations at that level.

For instance, have you ever left your house feeling angry? If you do not uplift yourself from that vibration, you might end up spending the entire day attracting, and experiencing situations that make you angrier.

As a child whenever something bad happened to me in the morning, for instance knocking my toe on a table edge or spilling water over my school uniform, my grandmother always advised me to blow my middle finger three times and affirm the words, “it is a beautiful day.” She explained that by doing this, I connected to the lucky-fate ferries that went ahead of me, and erased any negativity for that day. That was indeed a good way to raise my hopes and hence my vibration.

Also, I guess you have heard of the saying, “laughter attracts laughter.” I have walked down the street on several occasions and seen a stranger laughing uncontrollably. I didn’t even have to know what he/she was laughing at.  I just smiled along.  Evidently, a laugher’s vibration is on such a high frequency that it expands and pulls in strangers and/or others who were not part of it in the first place. This also implies that laughter is not only healthy but also spiritually magnetic.

Raising one’s vibration doesn’t really have to take much.  It is a decision that one can make and follow through by searching for, and focusing on anything outside or within him/herself that promotes an excited, happy and/or enthusiastic frame of mind.

This is what I do every morning to raise my vibration. I tap gently on my chest or collarbone area (strong meridian points) repetitively and say the following affirmations.

“Something good is about to happen to me.”

“Something amazing is on its way to me. “

“I will be calling everyone and telling them how incredible it is.”

“I will be saying to myself; oh my God, I can’t believe this.”

“Something great is on its way to me.”

“I can’t wait to see what it is going to be.”

Before I finish, I feel excited and vibrant. This technique has worked for me, and I hope you can try it out.

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