Are you ready for 2013?

When I asked my cousin this question the other day, she sounded so enthusiastic-actually jumped up and down to emphasize her excitement.

The next question I posed was; what are you looking towards to, in 2013? She told me about the several parties lined up for the holiday session and how much money she had to spend on new clothes. I joined in briefly to build more rapport, and then asked if she had any other plans after the parties.

“Nothing.” She responded freely.

After cultivating silently on what she had just told me, she looked at me and said;

“I can’t believe I just told you that. Oh my God-I actually have nothing else apart from the parties.”

Her confessions were like a wakeup call about how we all mistake short-term excitement for our long-term goals.

Getting prepared for a New Year, or period, or even a day, requires one to take time and plan. A few relevant questions to ask oneself could be;

Where am I now in regards to my life goals, finances, love, etc?

Am I happy? 

What do I want to achieve?

How do I achieve it?

What internal (mental,) and external resources do I have to take me where I want to go?

What if there was nothing else to do and all I had to do was embark on working towards achieving these goals, what is the first thing I would do?

How will I know that I have achieved my goals?

How will I feel?

Could my goals conflict or negatively affect the people I care for?

What is blocking me from taking the first step?

It is equivalent to doing a SWOT analysis (the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of yourself in order to establish where you are…what you have and what you have to improve on.

After establishing the details of your goals, it’s helpful to write everything down-including time frames, courses of action, the resources you have; the threats and the first thing you will do to get started.

Remember, you are your biggest resource. Empower and improve yourself on a perpetual basis. You are the only one who can make the changes required to improve your life. This is a limitless world, with inexhaustible opportunities. Everything begins from the mind. What is in your mind?

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