Is it Just Sex??


The love of Sex, although disguised and manipulated like nothing else in the world, with the exception of Money, is one of the most famous subjects in the world. That said, it is also still the most misinterpreted.

Accordingly, when two people meet, the first thing that pops in both their minds is normally sex-related. A guy looks at the lady and undresses her a thousand times-wondering what is underneath her garments. Before they have sex, he watches her every feature as if it is were something to eat. At the back of his mind, he’s wondering what he would do with it, and how it would feel. In brief, he has sex with her before he practically does.

The woman on the other hand, is wondering about the size of his “willie? “

Can he use it the way I want?” Can he kiss?” “I wonder how many women he has slept with.” She silently questions. 

Both parties silently evaluate each other sexually and hope that the other will do a good job.  This is not to say that they do not contemplate on other pre-set attributes that they expect in a partner; however the issue of sex tends to sound lounder than anything else.

When they finally sleep with each other, they, for the first time in most cases conclude that the act was weird. The most probable reason is that they didn’t take enough time to embrace, understand and appreciate each other at deeper levels.

We all forget that we are more than just our sex organs. We should stop taking our “private parts” so seriously. We are spiritual, emotional beings as well. For others to enjoy us, they need to know, or at the very least attempt to understand the totality of who we really are.

If you are in a relationship based on just sex, then you need to step back and evaluate the entirety of your partner-else your relationships is set for the rocks.

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