Do you love you enough to see it?

The most important relationship in creation is one with yourself. Unless you go within, dig deep to identify any blockages, limitations and/or beliefs that could be blinding you from experiencing this love for yourself, there is absolutely no way you are going to appreciate, leave alone see love when it comes your way.

We have to remember that we attract what we are. Our experiences normally mirror our internal representations, beliefs and perceptions.  Besides, how can you see clearly if you are blinded by the debris in your eyes? How can you enjoy the full taste of any food, if your mouth is dirty and hasn’t been washed, nor your teeth brushed for months, if not years? How can you enjoy the smoothness of the touch of your skin when you haven’t had a shower for years? And last but not least; how can you hear clearly if your ears are filled with ear-wax?

Evidently, every part of our being needs occasional cleansing and maintenance. The mind, soul and spirit should not be excluded from this routine.  Just as you wake up every morning and clean your teeth, you should employ the same mentality to your mind and internal world in general.

So, I am challenging you to examine your level of self love in the upcoming days. How often do you cleanse your mind? What things do you do to nourish the relationship with yourself?

I have included an EFT and Ho’oponopono cleansing and healing session. I suggest that you go through the exercise for a week or so. And it wouldn’t hurt if you share it with all your friends who might need it.

 Thank you for giving yourself permission to heal your life.

Happy tapping.

Link to video:-

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