To All Sisters Going Through Some Things:

This week, I decided to reach out to the sisters who might be going through some things. When I tell you that I understand, trust me- I do. A few years ago, at one point in my life, I found myself totally alone. And when I say “alone”, I mean ALONE. Domestically abused, heart-broken, regretful, no friends, culture- crash, no job, and with the only support from a family- living thousands and thousands of miles away. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I had a death-threatening experience every time I drove on the free-ways. Besides consistently exiting at the wrong exits-and getting lost for hours, the free-way competition almost drove me insane. 

For every step forward, I took four backwards. I felt stuck, emotionally, mentally, and practically. Nothing in my world meant sense. And that’s just part of the story. However, my intention today is to make this about you…not me. 

I just wanna encourage you today-that regardless of whatever you are going through, you will get to the other end-if you can only hold on. Always remember that it is not where you are coming from, or what you are going through; it is what you want to achieve in life and how you plan on achieving it. Everything else is just a stepping stone to get you there. Failure is the mother of flexibility. It doesn’t mean that the world is ending.

One of the things I would recommend is meditation. I went on YouTube every single day and meditated for hours. There is a free website that might help you a great deal; link is Check it out, and go through some of their exercises. Also, there are days, I lay down and just deep-breathed for an hour. This made me feel better. What’s more, my, has a lot of free healing exercises that will help you feel more positive about life. Check it out.

Don’t give up. This is your life. Keep trying, keep hoping, do whatever it takes to cleanse your emotional, mental and physical bodies. Do a body cleanse if you can. Then, enthusiastically focus on thinking about the things you want in your life. 

Here is a link to a free EFT and Ho’oponopono healing session that will shift things for you.

Keep breathing.

Peace and blessings.


How Do You Think?

In all your life’s pursuits, it is vital to remember that you are your biggest resource. Everything has to begin from within you. Therefore, in order to embark on your goals without getting in your own way, you have to ask yourself the following questions.

What is your psychological framework? What are your underlying philosophies, beliefs, thought processes and support systems? What fuels your decision making processing? Why is it that you could have a lot of information about a project that you want to pursue, or know what to do, yet never take action?

Unless you discover yourself from the core, and understand how your mind operates, you are living an illusionary life. 

So, do you feel emotionally stuck? Are you living the life that you desire? I am certain you have a public-FREE library in your neighborhood, the internet –the biggest free-information-portal in this world. Have you taken time to search for, and discover how you can heal, empower and elevate your life? What do you think is blocking you?  Why do you think the way you do? Have you asked yourself these questions?

Last but not least; are you in love? No…I will rephrase: – are you happily in love? Why you are still stuck in a relationship that makes you miserable? Why are you still stuck at a job that makes you feel like committing suicide? How have your thought-processing, and/or emotional foundations contributed to the status of your life???

Are you afraid of being alone? Or maybe you know someone who is? Whatever your story may be, I hope this article and brief-healing-exercise helps you in some way to heal that fear.

Apparently, and this is not news per-se, energy flows where the attention is; implying that, as long as you are afraid of being alone, or is in a relationship with someone who makes you more sad than happy, then you will continue attracting similar situations. You attract what you are; what you think about all the time; and what scares the crap out of you.

I hope this healing exercise helps you to dissolve that fear-such that you can create space in order to attract a true and loving relationship in your life.

You may also wonna check out my new humor-self-help book written especially for women titled: – Love, Men and Money ( The book is based on research; and discusses real life examples, scenarios and solutions retrieved from the best mind and psychological healing proven techniques on the market.

Enjoy the exercise, and please feel free to share it with all your friends who may need it.

Happy tapping. 

Resentment is far from the Resolution:

Many times when we get bombarded with a lot of negativity for long periods of time, we tend to become resentful to take the necessary steps toward our personal healing. In my case, that is something that I actually had to deal with-since I had employed so many healing modalities that didn’t seem to work.

I somehow got convinced that there was nothing out there that would free me from my emotional vampires. So, despondency and resentfulness became part of my already-heavy-loaded emotional baggage. In search for answers, I came across The Emotional Freedom Technique that I considered absolutely insane, then. “How the hell can emotions go away by just tapping on certain points on my body?” I often asked myself. As I argued with my Spiritual teacher-day in, day out, she helped me comprehend the fact that the resentment I had toward healing my life, was my biggest problem; and unless I dealt with it, no healing modality would set me free. Consequently, resentment was the first thing I dealt with, and tapped on during the healing process.

In this article, I have attached a recording of me administering a brief EFT session to help you deal with resentment. Try it for a couple of days and recognize how you feel. You may be surprised at the changes in your feelings, if not your life in general.

Please feel free to share the video and article with all your friends.

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Happy tapping!

Thank you for taking the chance to heal your life.