Resentment is far from the Resolution:

Many times when we get bombarded with a lot of negativity for long periods of time, we tend to become resentful to take the necessary steps toward our personal healing. In my case, that is something that I actually had to deal with-since I had employed so many healing modalities that didn’t seem to work.

I somehow got convinced that there was nothing out there that would free me from my emotional vampires. So, despondency and resentfulness became part of my already-heavy-loaded emotional baggage. In search for answers, I came across The Emotional Freedom Technique that I considered absolutely insane, then. “How the hell can emotions go away by just tapping on certain points on my body?” I often asked myself. As I argued with my Spiritual teacher-day in, day out, she helped me comprehend the fact that the resentment I had toward healing my life, was my biggest problem; and unless I dealt with it, no healing modality would set me free. Consequently, resentment was the first thing I dealt with, and tapped on during the healing process.

In this article, I have attached a recording of me administering a brief EFT session to help you deal with resentment. Try it for a couple of days and recognize how you feel. You may be surprised at the changes in your feelings, if not your life in general.

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Happy tapping!

Thank you for taking the chance to heal your life.

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