Are you afraid of being alone? Or maybe you know someone who is? Whatever your story may be, I hope this article and brief-healing-exercise helps you in some way to heal that fear.

Apparently, and this is not news per-se, energy flows where the attention is; implying that, as long as you are afraid of being alone, or is in a relationship with someone who makes you more sad than happy, then you will continue attracting similar situations. You attract what you are; what you think about all the time; and what scares the crap out of you.

I hope this healing exercise helps you to dissolve that fear-such that you can create space in order to attract a true and loving relationship in your life.

You may also wonna check out my new humor-self-help book written especially for women titled: – Love, Men and Money ( The book is based on research; and discusses real life examples, scenarios and solutions retrieved from the best mind and psychological healing proven techniques on the market.

Enjoy the exercise, and please feel free to share it with all your friends who may need it.

Happy tapping. 

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