How Do You Think?

In all your life’s pursuits, it is vital to remember that you are your biggest resource. Everything has to begin from within you. Therefore, in order to embark on your goals without getting in your own way, you have to ask yourself the following questions.

What is your psychological framework? What are your underlying philosophies, beliefs, thought processes and support systems? What fuels your decision making processing? Why is it that you could have a lot of information about a project that you want to pursue, or know what to do, yet never take action?

Unless you discover yourself from the core, and understand how your mind operates, you are living an illusionary life. 

So, do you feel emotionally stuck? Are you living the life that you desire? I am certain you have a public-FREE library in your neighborhood, the internet –the biggest free-information-portal in this world. Have you taken time to search for, and discover how you can heal, empower and elevate your life? What do you think is blocking you?  Why do you think the way you do? Have you asked yourself these questions?

Last but not least; are you in love? No…I will rephrase: – are you happily in love? Why you are still stuck in a relationship that makes you miserable? Why are you still stuck at a job that makes you feel like committing suicide? How have your thought-processing, and/or emotional foundations contributed to the status of your life???

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