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“Are you free?” is a mind-blogging question that my grandmother often asked me in my teenage years. Then, I always looked at her like she was crazy, because I had long before concluded that she was a strange one. My grandmother, who unfortunately passed away on December 27, 2011, (seems like yesterday), was a Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Chiropractor, and an incredible Master Herbalist-with a gift that was passed down from a long, and profound family lineage.

Before she passed away, I got a chance to ask her about the implications of this question. She explained that freedom is the ability to see, feel, sense, touch, think, intuit, sleep, and make decisions based on one’s core being. She further narrated that as soon as you are born into this world, you are automatically branded and programmed by your immediate loved ones, society and the environment. From that moment forth, you see the world, not based on your experiences and convictions, but on people who teach you their own way of living. Although this changes as you grow older, and not all these programs limit your evolution, there is a big part of you that gets jailed up by representations and convictions that are not your own. So-when you find yourself blocked and stuck as an adult; you have to go back to your roots, get in contact with your spirit, unconscious mind and ask them what doesn’t belong to you; what could be limiting your evolution; and how you can liberate yourself in order to experience a more fulfilling life.

Based on this knowledge, my own research, experience as a spiritual healer, qualifications are an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technician, Neuro-linguistic Programmer, and Ho’oponopono-ist, I recently complied and recorded a revolutionary healing program titled – The 14 Days Love liberation Book Camp, that tackles all energetic, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual parts of one, in order to identify any blockages that could be affecting their free, and full evolution.

This program – The 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp, will heal one from the cellular level, cleanse the soul and spirit, reprogram the subconscious mind, clean and tune up the chakras, deal with childhood memories, daddy issues, karmic codes, fear-to mention but a few.

Until June 6, 2013, the program will be discounted at 50%, offering it an incredible amount of just of $29.99.

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Introducing the 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp

For the last couple of months, I have been researching, and working on The 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp-Program. Finally, the project has come to life. This program is intended to compliment my new self-help book, based on intensive research, and titled – Love, Men, and Money.

The 14 days Love Liberation Boot Camp is an intensive program that is designed to heal one from the cellular level. This program’s objective is to heal one’s mental, emotional and energetic bodies from the cellular level. The program embraces all the major issues that could be blocking one from manifesting love-amidst other good things-in their lives. The beauty of the program is that, although it’s designed to heal and liberate one in order to attract true love in their life, it will free one from all other karmic codes and contracts, childhood memories and trauma, subconscious baggage, and Aura blockages.

In the program, I employ the magical tools of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian healing modality, and Neuro-linguistic Programming, Reiki, Theta, Hypnosis, The Violet Fire Flame-among other healing modalities, to deal with the issues of Procrastination, Resentment, and Fear.

Included in the program is also a 7 days’ powerful Chakra cleansing routine that will help one to clean a Chakra every day. Other issues that are tackled are; – the forgiveness meditation, Soul and Spirit Cleanse, Daddy Issues Healing, Super-Love Manifestation and a bonus recording with powerful inspirational quotations retrieved from the Bible, Koran and other spiritual readings.

The background music throughout the 14 day Love Liberation Boot Camp is embedded with subliminal messages and Theta brain waves to intensify the healing process.

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Peace and blessings.