Survival For The Fittest:

As a child, I used to play netball – a sports’ modality designed for girls, but very similar to basket ball. Our trainer mentioned the statement “survival for the fittest” more often than “well done.” He actually had us sing those words for about 5 minutes before every game. Although he vividly explained what he meant, we all seemed to grab onto the excitement and fright of losing, and attacked our opposing team with enthusiasm.

In today’s economy and social framework that tend to be embraced with negativity, fear and stress, it takes more than just wish-full thinking to keep a business going. Today, business owners are not only encouraged to look out for new ways to promote, and diversify their businesses, they are also reminded that, opportunity comes like a silly joke, walks by you like a drunkard, and then disappears as someone else who doesn’t fear risk, grabs it. Indeed these are the days when only the fittest do survive.

With this in mind, I recently attended a networking event, where a member introduced an amazing business opportunity that I didn’t wait to jump onto. The thing about this business is that it involves a lot of network marketing-which I’m already doing anyway-so I didn’t have any resistance. The beauty about this business is that, it is about coffee…organic coffee with Ganoderma-an incredible herbal extract discovered by the Chinese over 5000 years ago-and with great health benefits. Among its many benefits, Ganoderma improves metabolism, curbs cancerous cells, improves eye sight, and helps reduce high blood pressure, and diabetes. So I figured…more than 80% of all Americans drink coffee. So, I couldn’t go wrong. Also, although most people drink coffee as a habit, “why not include a healthy benefit- and make it a healthy habit?” I thought to myself. So, I signed up the next day, and in four days, I earned more than what I had invested. Because you wonna know why? It is simple…it’s easy…it’s coffee. The company that presents this incredibly simple yet money-minting-home based business is called organogold. So, go check out my website with this company at You will learn more about the company and their organic products; and if you are interested in getting a few samples or a package for yourself or family, I will appreciate your business. Also, I can send you free samples if you can pay for your shipping.

In this article I’ve included a link ( to a Youtube video with a free EFT healing session to help you knock out money-related fear-energy from your cellular level and DNA. Go check it out; and I won’t get mad if you share it with all your friends.

Also, please check out my website – – home of inspirational books, meditations, blogs, free resources and healing sessions that will inspire you- if not put a smile on your face…and that’s a good thing.

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