He is Not The last Man Standing!!

So…there you are stuck with a man who makes you feel like killing yourself. He is the exact opposite of what you want. He makes you sick to the stomach. He reflects on everything that is not on your well-developed-standards’ list.

It could even be that he doesn’t love himself that much. How then would you expect him to love you? He probably has no idea about personal standards. Evidently he is far from extending similar attributes to you. Maybe he has told you stuff like; “I’m not sure about the future…I’m still figuring out what to do with my life…it is me, it’s not you…you are a wonderful person and you deserve better.” You’ve looked at him almost cross-eyed wishing that you were dreaming. But his words still rang in your head for days like the famous Sunday-village-church bells; yet you still can’t quit the relationship. You think he will change. You pray for him more than you pray for yourself. You have blind hope that things will get better. But they just get worse.

However, sadly, if a man doesn’t know what he wants, he’s far from appreciating, leave alone recognizing your exceptional attributes. Unfortunately with his state of mind, you are just part of his confusion…someone he is carrying along for convenience, entertainment, friendship or just sexual pleasure.
So my questions for you dear lady are:-

Why don’t you have the mental and/or emotional energy to move on?

– What is it about your partner that is holding you back from moving on?
– Why are you still lingering in a relationship that continues to demote your well being?
– Could it be that you are so afraid of being alone?
– Have you been negatively programmed with a limiting belief that love is hard to find?
– Are you in a situation whereby even if you are so consciously aware that you are in a bad relationship, you still can’t get yourself to move on?

The starting point towards your liberation is acknowledging that there is a part of you that appreciates the drama…it feeds on it…can’t survive without it.

You need to understand that you can start again. You actually don’t need much to get to the bottom of things. All you need to do is stop resisting the situation-considering that whatever you resist persists.

Be good to yourself. Take time out and examine the good things about your life and focus on those. Write down whatever is good about your relationship. Invest in discovering one profound reason why you are with this man. Then base on this to establish whether it is worthy the pain.

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Love and light.

Men Have “Two Heads”

(A synopsis retrieved from the Book – Love, Men and Men – Chapter 5)

…..You are certainly aware that men have two heads…right? One of his heads stores his brain-mass, the second-a smaller one, awaits to be fed in-between his legs. Please note that when the small head takes over, the big one ceases to operate.

Okay…I know that sounds wacky, but don’t panic just yet. Let me tell you a bit about the male’s testosterone hormone that manages most, if not all the characteristics and behaviors of the “smaller head.”
In adequate amounts, testosterone, an androgenic steroid hormone produced in the testes and the adrenals, promotes the development and functioning of masculine traits and secondary sex characteristics, including libido and reproduction. Scientists have tested and proven that high amounts of testosterone may induce exaggerated or extreme behavior and/or cause harmful or undesirable physical side effects. Among these, is the tendency for the victims to intensely desire a lot of sex and from different women. When that hormone runs down into their “smaller heads,” men will forget every logical explanation or concept in the entire universe. Marriage vows are broken, and love becomes lust. Nothing can satisfy this craving except getting laid. When a man has an erection, the only thing he thinks about is getting a release. He starts behaving like a child hungry for suckling at its mother’s breasts.

Men will tell you stories that are out of this world. Their “smaller heads” send messages to the big ones, which become more creative than rocket-builders. During my research I discovered that men say the statement “I love you” right before sex, more than any other time. This is when they promise women-heaven on earth, marriage, and other possessions- just to get into their pants for that urgent release. These “smaller heads” of theirs entice them do the most absurd things. Why do you think the naughty-wise-ones nicknamed this peculiar-head the “one-eyed snake?” Reason being that it behaves like a snake. When it is hungry, it needs to EAT…that’s the way it survives. The big head then becomes inferior to it, and its duty is to assist “smaller brother” in getting
fed…getting laid….

So-what is your own perception about the men’s two-head concept? What is your experience? Love, Men and Money, is a book based on intensive research; and it discusses the major implicating social, economical, spiritual, and family-related factors that prevent women from attracting love for themselves, and from others.

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Do you Earn From Your Worry?

Worry is described as the inability to feel good. It is the emotional investment in being troubled about whatever you might be going through. The” inability to feel good, and investment in feeling troubled”, are very far from earning an extra dollar.

Worrying has been compared to sitting in a rocking chair. You are doing something, but it’s taking you nowhere. You know, worrying is equivalent to alcoholism. It is a serious addiction. The mind gets so accustomed to worrying-whereby letting it go, takes more than wish-full thinking. You will have to go within with a bull-dozer mentality and enthusiastically weed out the root cause of your worries.

I went through a lot of worrying-sprees until about a year ago. And I’m here to tell you that, other than “achieving” several bad headaches, a tired looking skin and sleepless nights, I didn’t earn an extra penny.

This immerse worry was a reflection of my emotional baggage-which I had to get rid of in order to enjoy my life.

So-my questions for you today are; what are you worried about? What are the root-causes of your worry?

Do you think there is anything else you can do to replace worrying? How about a nice distraction like taking a walk in the park, or going for a swim in the ocean-if you can swim? How about watching a comedy show or taking a long bath?

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Love and light.