He is Not The last Man Standing!!

So…there you are stuck with a man who makes you feel like killing yourself. He is the exact opposite of what you want. He makes you sick to the stomach. He reflects on everything that is not on your well-developed-standards’ list.

It could even be that he doesn’t love himself that much. How then would you expect him to love you? He probably has no idea about personal standards. Evidently he is far from extending similar attributes to you. Maybe he has told you stuff like; “I’m not sure about the future…I’m still figuring out what to do with my life…it is me, it’s not you…you are a wonderful person and you deserve better.” You’ve looked at him almost cross-eyed wishing that you were dreaming. But his words still rang in your head for days like the famous Sunday-village-church bells; yet you still can’t quit the relationship. You think he will change. You pray for him more than you pray for yourself. You have blind hope that things will get better. But they just get worse.

However, sadly, if a man doesn’t know what he wants, he’s far from appreciating, leave alone recognizing your exceptional attributes. Unfortunately with his state of mind, you are just part of his confusion…someone he is carrying along for convenience, entertainment, friendship or just sexual pleasure.
So my questions for you dear lady are:-

Why don’t you have the mental and/or emotional energy to move on?

– What is it about your partner that is holding you back from moving on?
– Why are you still lingering in a relationship that continues to demote your well being?
– Could it be that you are so afraid of being alone?
– Have you been negatively programmed with a limiting belief that love is hard to find?
– Are you in a situation whereby even if you are so consciously aware that you are in a bad relationship, you still can’t get yourself to move on?

The starting point towards your liberation is acknowledging that there is a part of you that appreciates the drama…it feeds on it…can’t survive without it.

You need to understand that you can start again. You actually don’t need much to get to the bottom of things. All you need to do is stop resisting the situation-considering that whatever you resist persists.

Be good to yourself. Take time out and examine the good things about your life and focus on those. Write down whatever is good about your relationship. Invest in discovering one profound reason why you are with this man. Then base on this to establish whether it is worthy the pain.

In my book Love, Men and Money: How to Attract and Retain them, I explain in detail how one can dig deep to discover their self-limiting beliefs and the root causes; how they can get themselves out of negative relationships; the revolutionary proven techniques that can be employed to erase any related negative programming; and the tools that will help one attract unconditional love for the self, and from others. The book will take you through a journey of self-examination, and renewal.

Click here to check out The 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp, a ground-breaking healing program that will help one heal from the cellular level.

In the interim, I have attached a FREE EFT healing session to help anyone get an edge off any negativity that could be binding them to vampire-like relationships.

Click HERE to access the free video.

Please let me know how you feel after going through the session for a couple of days. And…it’s okay if you share this article and free video with anyone you know might need them.

Love and light.

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