The Soul’s Piece of Cake:

“A peace of mind, is the soul’s piece of cake”, is a quote I recently fabricated to reflect my feelings whenever I feel at peace with myself.

In the past, I struggled in relationships, communication with others, and personal growth. This was because my mind was in turmoil. I didn’t only hate myself, but also disliked most, if not everything about life, people, and the world in general. My own mind was at war with me. Apparently, I had allowed emotions attained through unfavorable experiences and memories, to comfortably log into my memory bank; only to create negatively-vibrant-conflicts in my feelings

Everything ticked me off. Everyone made me sad, angry and despondent. I didn’t see or anticipate anything positive happening in my life. Consequently my physicality happily responded to the emotional body. My blood pressure levels drove to the sky. I was officially announced a high blood pressure patient. “Ama put you on high blood medicine if you don’t stop worrying”, Said the doctor.  This woke me up. I knew that it was time to take control of my emotions, memories and mind. I remembered what my grandmother always told me…“the power within you, will only respond to the power of your intentions to access it.” I then embarked on a journey to liberate my life. Eventually, I saw a light at the back of my emotional-dark tunnel. I gradually started feeling peaceful even without much effort.

My message for you today is that the power within you, will only respond to the power of your intentions to access it….to heal your life. Yes you can liberate your life if you put your mind to work at it.

In this article, I have included a brief ho’oponopono/EFT session to help you get started on your peace-of-mind seeking journey. (Click on this link to access it – You can also access my revolutionary 14 Days Love Liberation Boot Camp, either from my website –; or simply type the title – The 14 Days Love Liberation Book Camp in iTunes– to download the MP3 format. This program will undoubtedly heal your life. 

Mirembe (a Luganda word (tribe from Uganda) that means PEACE)

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