Has harming yourself begun feeling like a viable option?

I’m glad that I got your attention. Well…you’ve not stumbled on this article by mistake dear. Odds are that you’ve probably evaluated several means through which you can painlessly harm yourself as the only option to escape love-related emotional pain; or maybe not. Maybe it was in the past…a long long long time ago. Did you read a related story from a newspaper that’s no longer in print?  NO, I get it. You know someone who knows someone who is searching for the best solutions on the market to harm themselves because they don’t have the strength to get out of their love-slaughtering relationships. At least I have been there. And it wasn’t pretty.

Please note that your current paradigm doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that everyone I know who has been in love, me inclusive, has once felt like burying themselves alive as the best and only option out of a bad relationship; let alone the most viable solution for a heart break.

Conditional love, which isn’t true love anyway, can turn into something else—I tell you. If you are in love, have been in love, or longs to be in love, please establish standards below which you won’t settle, before, during and after any relationship. With standards profoundly ingrained in your mental and emotional banks, you will never feel like harming yourself when the going gets tough. You will always remember who you truly are. A divine unique individual, created in the perfect image of God who is important in this world. You will remember to love yourself even when loneliness strikes. You won’t settle for less than true unconditional love.

I know people who are currently stuck in relationships for purely strategic, or fear based reasons; such as convenience, the fear of being alone, financial gifts, societal expectations, the “I’m-getting-old-so –it-is-hard-for-me-to-attract-a-new-lover” syndrome. If one stays in such an energy vampiring relationship for a while, they will soon feel like death could offer more emotional benefits. This is true especially in abusive relationships where one of the parties is, and/or has suffered a tremendous amount of emotional, mental and physical torture. With that in mind, self-love becomes a struggle. One stays in the relationship for reasons external to their true heart-felt desires.  One way out of this mind battle is to repeatedly tell yourself how much you love you. “I love me” you can state for as many times as you can daily.

Another suggestion is to employ the four magical Ho’oponopono subconscious cleansing statements namely; I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you; and I thank you.  If you want to find out more about how ho’oponopono works, please check out www.ho’oponopono.org.

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing ancient technique that can HEAL your life. I’m an Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner, and I can attest to the fact that it HEALED my life.  For this, I’m very grateful.  Contact me at author@tapthegood.com or www.tapthegood.com for a free consultation if you are ready to transform your life.

Meanwhile, my questions for you today are; are you in a happy relationship? If not, what the hell are you still doing in there????.

Are you READY to be MORE?

It’s Sunday afternoon and you are still turning and tossing. You went to bed at 3.00a.m, because you couldn’t sleep. Is that you? Are you also bothered about your life purpose? Have you failed at almost everything you’ve done? How old are you? Don’t answer that.

Are probably single, despondent and worried that you will die lonely and poor? Do you feel like a victim of circumstances? Do you feel like God is the most unfair being in creation?

Do not despair. You are not alone. This phase can, and will end if you make the right decisions…take full responsibility of your life’s challenges and develop the right skills to overcome them. If you can stop wishing that things were better, and instead wish you were better. If you can remember that you can never attract what you want, but what you are, then you are good to go.

Do not Force It, Tap the Good, is a humorous and Inspirational Book that will uplift you in ways you have never imagined. It shares real life experiences that you will easily resonate with. Regardless of how emotionally drained you may be feeling at the moment, you will feel inspired yet once again after reading the book.


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Stop procrastinating. No one will ever do your sit ups for you in order to gain those abs! Remember; you will only attract more if you become more!!!  

Why Not????


This last weekend, I administered a two day healing workshop about healing the wounded heart to attract love.  As I compiled the workshop material, skepticism took over my mind.

 “I wonder how many people will show up.” I thought to myself. “What if no one shows up?” My weak side continued.

I suddenly realized the kind of negative vibrations that I was infusing into my workshop. Much as they seemed really entertaining and soothing for my soul at that moment, they were also feeding into the negative programming of fear, doubt and failure.

As a way to snap out of this negative vibration, I asked myself these questions: Why not? Why not think of the positive? In any case I had nothing to lose. Why not just go for it? Why not go out there with enthusiasm knowing that whichever way the day presents itself, it will be alright?

I’m now posing the same questions to you. Why not take that empowering class that you’ve been putting off for a while? Why not see what will happen instead of blocking it when you don’t take action? Why not start thinking positively and convincing yourself that all is well regardless of appearances? Why not infuse your heart with love, forgiveness and inspired feelings, and then out of that vibration, do an act of love to a stranger today? Why not make a plan you’ve put off for a while…read that empowering book that has been lying on your shelf for months? Why not save the environment? Why not spend time meditating and praying? Why not take a vacation? Why not cancel all your paid-off credit cards and only make cash purchases?

 I encourage you for the next couple of days to move away from the “why” and go for the “why not” attitude. You see…the “why” makes you a victim.  So go for it…“WHY NOT?”

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