Are you READY to be MORE?

It’s Sunday afternoon and you are still turning and tossing. You went to bed at 3.00a.m, because you couldn’t sleep. Is that you? Are you also bothered about your life purpose? Have you failed at almost everything you’ve done? How old are you? Don’t answer that.

Are probably single, despondent and worried that you will die lonely and poor? Do you feel like a victim of circumstances? Do you feel like God is the most unfair being in creation?

Do not despair. You are not alone. This phase can, and will end if you make the right decisions…take full responsibility of your life’s challenges and develop the right skills to overcome them. If you can stop wishing that things were better, and instead wish you were better. If you can remember that you can never attract what you want, but what you are, then you are good to go.

Do not Force It, Tap the Good, is a humorous and Inspirational Book that will uplift you in ways you have never imagined. It shares real life experiences that you will easily resonate with. Regardless of how emotionally drained you may be feeling at the moment, you will feel inspired yet once again after reading the book.


Get your paperback copy at, or

Stop procrastinating. No one will ever do your sit ups for you in order to gain those abs! Remember; you will only attract more if you become more!!!  

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