The Business Healing Boot Camp

Give your Business a Spiritual Cleanse TODAY!

Before I pursued a career in spiritual and energy healing, I lived in a world of separation. I blindly considered especially businesses, and anything to do with money, as non-spiritual entities.

However, now as a Spiritual Healing Facilitator, I have experienced and also appreciate the fact that everything is energy. Decisions are basically a combination of mental and emotional energies transmuted by the power of acceptance; the acceptance to reveal an internal representation to the external world as a course of action or strategy.  Businesses are basically energetic manifestations of decisions. With that in mind, all resources that contribute to business processes, from the business facilities, furniture, employees, business owner, external partners and even websites, plus all other selling portables, are energetic drivers towards the achievement or failure of business’s goals.

It’s hence vital to comprehend the fact that everything, objectives, trees, space and of course humans, have vibrations that can impact the attraction-force of their environment. The energy of all employees in a work place can impact clientele levels, and ultimately, sales. The money paradigm of the financial manager or person in charge of money, does impact profit margins.   Business setup, type of furniture and color of the paint, all do impinge on everyone in that space.  The business owner’s money paradigm, energetic fields, aura, chakras and personal vibration, are also major determinants of business performance.  If you want proof, hire a negative and/or rough looking receptionist and watch how your business income plunges.

Based on these facts, we’ve developed a Business Healing Boot Camp, a turn-key program that can get to the core of every business’s energetic drivers. In this program, we employ proven ancient intuitive and spiritual energy investigative tools to examine the following aspects of your business.

  1. The business owner’s money paradigm; core values, business unconscious driving force, childhood memories, past and present money, and success beliefs.
  2. Business owner’s conscious and subconscious goals, self-limiting beliefs (if any)
  3. The business owner’s energetic fields, chakras, Aura and personal vibes.
  4. Business space energy evaluation
  5. Employee’s relationship to the business; and the individual energetic vibrations towards the business.

Based on our findings, we then employ the magical tools of EFT, Ho’oponopono, NLP, and sacred African and Tibetan ancient cleansing rituals to cleanse your space, selling portals-such as websites, the business owner, employees (if applicable), and subconscious mind.

–          We also employ other mind/spiritual healing tools to cleanse and reprogram your subconscious mind for success.

–          We examine your business goals, all the related emotional, mental and spiritual blockages, and then cleanse them out of your system. In a snap shot, by the end of the boot camp, you will have cleansed the following:

–          Chakras

–          Aura- Business owner’s bodily energies and life force vibes

–          Business owner’s Subconscious mind

–          Business facility

–          Employee’s vibrations towards your business (Remember, we don’t really deal with them directly. We deal with their vibrations and energies in regards to your business)

Consider this boot camp as a Spiritual make-over for your business. Please click on this link for more details.

Contact us at or call 818-862 1182 for a free 30 minutes evaluation.

The Business Healing Boot Camp – The Spiritual Make-over for your Business that everyone is talking about!!


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