Don’t Be a Leaner

Many times when we bump into unexpected circumstances, we loose our internal connection and look outside of ourselves for answers. We might achieve some sort of comfort, only to realize that it was temporary. The people who listen to your problems can only offer what they digest and perceive of that situation according to their internal representations…beliefs, norms and mind-state. In a nutshell they are offering you THEIR mapping of YOUR world. Although at times this might be helpful, it makes more sense and manifests more permanent results if you search for the answers from within yourself.

Leaning on your loved ones, friends or mentors for support if you have them is an incredible solution. However the decision to resolve the problem or conflict still depends on you.

I recently experienced a not-so pleasant situation that I failed to digest consciously. Much as I knew that there was a part of me that knew the answers, I still sort for retreat and comfort from my social group members—a source external to me. And although I appreciated and considered their comforting statements, alone in my house, I still felt disturbed. It was only when I remained still, forgave the situation and also commanded my unconscious mind to erase, and let go of the situation, that I felt relieved.

I just want to encourage you today that regardless of whatever you are going through, if you just remain still, you will find comfort and the answers waiting for you. Leaning on your friends and/or loved ones for comfort and resolutions will motivate, but not empower you to deal with yourself. Besides, when you realize that sharing negativity repeatedly promotes it, you will opt to speak to that part of you that knows all the answers. And although the answers might not appear in your consciousness as early as you expect them, they will reveal themselves; and they will be profound. So learn how to lean on yourself more than others.  It creates miracles.

A brief exercise I do twice daily…morning and evening, is to command my unconscious mind, that creative part of me, to erase what I don’t want and replace it with what I want.

I repeat 3 times as follows: I NOW COMMAND MY UNCONSCIOUS MIND TO LET GO OF …….


Try it for a couple of days; as often as you can, and let me know how you feel.

I love you; and I thank you.

Happy holidays.

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