Holiday Gifts from me to you with LOVE

Dear friends,

I just put up my Christmas tree so you KNOW it’s time for me to give out some gifts! In here I’m posting a link to free books and a recorded Healing Video session for you. Please get them while they’re hot! These gifts are FREE for the first 1000 people.

This is my way of thanking you and all my friends and subscribers for your incredible support this year.

I love you all and appreciate you so much. Without you, I would never learn so much, my work would feel hollow, and my message would never reach and affect so many. So thank you!

I have posted the following for you.

1. Link to get my 2 inspirational self-help books – Do not Force It, Tap The Good, and Love, Men, and Money: how to attract and retain them, at no cost except shipping. link is

2.  A Guidebook – Healing Fear Energy with the Magical Tools of EFT, NLP and Ho’oponopono – Send me an email at for me to send you the eBook.

 3. A video recording of me administering a healing session to heal and let go of any emotional and mental blockages that could be bombarding one’s life.  In the session, I employed the magical tools of Ho’oponopono, EFT and the Sedona Breathing Method.   

Link is

Please claim your free gifts at ; and don’t forget to send me an email so that I can email you the eBook.

I’m so grateful for this community, and I respect all the struggles and successes you’ve shared with me this year.

Wishing you joy and abundance in all you do in 2014!

Happy holidays! With love and appreciation,

– Jacinta Mariah

Author of Do not Force It, Tap The Good; Love, Men and Money: how to attract and Retain them; and Becoming a SEX CEO at a Spiritual Level– currently being published.

Spiritual Healing Facilitator

Healing and Empowerment Speaker

Healing and Empowerment “Play-shops” and Seminars’ Administrator.


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