Are you at the verge of giving up?

Are you at the verge of giving up?

Do you feel like everything is crashing down on you?

Have you tried everything in the books and nothing is working?

Are you experiencing the opposite of what you want?

Are you dead broke—worried to death about how you will pay current and past bills?

Are you lonely?

Difficult as it might seem, this is the best time to let things be. This is the best time to surrender. This is the best time to tell the universe, or God or whoever you believe in, that you trust it; that you have faith in it; that you are confident about whatever it is doing. Clearly, everything you are doing, thinking and manifesting is in conflict with your desires. Worrying just invests in a negative vibration and makes things worse. So, LET GO. Stop and remain still. If you are moving in a particular direction and seem to be hitting block after another, it is evident that you are moving towards the wrong direction. So if you don’t know what to do, why not stop doing anything for some time in order to give room for new ideas to reveal themselves? If you are in such a conflicted negative noisy world, how will you hear what the universe / God/ or whoever you consider to be your higher power—is telling you?
Remember; even if at times nothing seems to be happening, something always is. Not all that is happening is visible. The source of all creation lies in the invisible world. So this might be a time when the universe is creating a new world for you. This might be the time when you are removing all old layers to reveal the new you. And although it might feel painful, consider caterpillars and what they go through to become butterflies. For sure if insects can do it, you can do it.
What has worked for me is a simple breathing exercise.

1. Sit still for as long as you can. Make sure that your arms and legs are uncrossed.
2. Start breathing deeply.
3. Imagine that you are breathing in relaxation, and breathing out stress, worry and anxiety. Do this for about 10 minutes.
4. Imagine that you are breathing in pure positive energy, and breathing out the negative. Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.
5. Breathe in Love and light, and breathe out all that isn’t love and light. Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.
6. Breathe in faith, and then breathe out resistance. Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.
7. Breathe in success, and then breathe our blockages. Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.

It will take you about an hour to go through the breathing exercise if you do it as instructed. If you follow through, you witness a sense of relief and clarity after the exercise.
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From Visualization to Manifestation


A lot has been written about visualization, affirmations, positive thinking, etc. And I understand that when one has done any of these things and failed to manifest their desires, they stop believing. However, I’m also here to verify that visualization does work.

 Firstly, you may wonna think through some of the things that promote negative experiences. With a closer examination, you will discover that it is through repetitive negative VISUALIZATION (e.g. television, internet, negative AFFIRMATIONS through self-talk or discussions, and/or negative THINKING, that our negative experiences are created.  My argument is hinged around the fact that we are able to create negative experiences using the same portals, yet fail to create positive ones.

 My reasoning and experience behind the preceding reality is that we are more determined and focused on employing these portals to create negative experiences than when we opt to create positive and desirable ones.

Whatever your story is, I just want to console and remind you that if you can use your mind to create the negative, you can use it to create the positive. The mind doesn’t know the difference. Whatever you focus on is what it creates in your reality. The next time you are sad or worried, remember the intensity you employed to manifest your feelings and then employ the same mind-state to religiously visualize, get into feelings’ mood, and think about your desires with profound determination—just like you do for the negative. 

 The four visualization steps that I have employed to manifest my desires are as follows:

1. Get clear about what you want.

2. Establish how you will feel when you achieve your desires.

3. Create related pictures in your mind; who is involved? Where will you be? What will you do when you achieve your goals?

4. Close your eyes twice daily and get your mind to experience your desire. At first, it might feel like you are making things up. But don’t worry; just do it anyway. And before you know it, you will be a pro at it. Go through the exercise for at least 30 days.

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The Soul Liberation Boot Camp Mini-Healing Series with EFT and Ho’oponopono

“Happy New Year–to begin with,” is what I told a friend of mine recently and she snapped back by saying: “Yah right. What is happy or new about it? It is the same old…same old.”  It then struck me that we all often say things as a matter of habit or season, yet fail to connect to the exact meaning of our statements.  It also came to my awareness that there are so many people out there who feel stuck, disgusted, disappointed and fed-up with life.

If you happen to be in this situation, you have landed on the right page. Because I’m here to remind you of what you might already know. There are times one feels like they have exhausted in the consciousness in solving a problem or achieving a goal; yet nothing happens…things remain the same or become worse. There are situations in life that can leave one wondering if there is anything or anyone called God. Because they might have prayed, fasted, tithed, volunteered and did all the things that the good books (for instance the Bible or Quran), yet their lives just seem stagnant or worsening.

I have been there. There are times I have prayed, fasted, meditated, gone organic, eaten raw food (to renew my cells), gone vegetarian, but everything just seemed to get worse in my worse. The more I focused on my personal being, the more I lost hope; the more everything in my crumbled. But just as I was just about to give up, something struck me. I realized that I was still in control of the way I felt. When I decided consciously to feel sad, I really felt sad. When I spoke to my mind to give me hope, I felt hope creeping into my mind. The key to all this was me telling myself whatever I wanted to feel. And this had nothing to do with the havoc existent in my external world. I said the right words about how I wanted to feel, and in no minutes, I manifested my desired state of feelings. I then transferred the same idea to asking myself questions such as; “Soul, spirit, why are we not progressing? What is holding us back?” Upon asking myself the same question for a week, every morning when I woke up and night before I went to sleep, I started getting leads, answers and ideas about what was blocking me.

If you are going through a similar experience, I urge you to employ my strategy because it worked for me and now, for many of my clients.

For the 7 to 9 days, ask yourself these questions everyone morning when you wake up and night.

  1. Morning: – Soul, divine spirit, what is blocking us from expanding and progressing in life? Please give me insights and leads during the day about the root cause of these blockages, contracts or corrupted engagements that we might have unconsciously or unconsciously got involved in.
  2. Night Soul, divine spirit, what is blocking us from expanding and progressing in life? Please give me insights and leads during my sleep, in my mind; and help me remember all the details when I wake up in the morning.

For full benefits, please access this free healing video with EFT and ho’oponopono (click on the link below) that will help you intensify your soul liberation experience.

As you speak to yourself, remember to develop the faith that there is a part of you willing and ready to do whatever you desire. And that is the kingdom of God that dwells within you.

 Next week, I will post the next step in the Soul Liberation mini-series.

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I love you; and I thank you.