Introducing the Revolutionary Spiritual Organic Healing Herbal Bath Salts.

The perfect gift for Valentines’ day.

Love, Men and Money

< Relax, Repair, and Restore!

These spiritual organic herbal salt baths are home-made from organic herbs and pure salts—processed using ancient Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian), Tibetan and African principles, to heal and revive one’s body, mind and spirit.
**Baking Soda and Sea Salt are added in every bath to help remove radiation and environmental toxins from one’s body.

1. The Good Karma Organic Herbal Healing Bath Salts
2. The Aches, Pains and Inflammation Release Herbal Bath Salts
3. Negative Energy and Aura Cleansing Herbal Bath Salts
4. The Heart Chakra Cleanse and Love Attraction Herbal Bath Salts
5. The Distressing and Relaxation Herbal Bath Salts

8 Oz – $12
16 Oz – $24
32 Oz – $42
***Complimentary Muslin bag is provided with each purchase.
For more details, please check out

The Herbal Salts could be great gifts for valentines.

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