Is your Heart Suffering? 3 Steps to Soothing an Aching Heart

The Three Proven Steps to Soothing an Aching Heart

Love, Men and Money


I relate to those times when someone breaks your heart so much that you practically feel as if your heart is moving, twisting, pulling and pushing against your chest. The more you fight this emotional pain, the more it cements itself in your consciousness and persistently presents itself in your mind. It feels so real—you actually have visual descriptions.   

Everything and everyone around you looks like the enemy. The temperature feels cold and hot simultaneously. Your skin might start itching. You may even start smelling things that don’t exist. You feel pain in places you never thought you had. If you are lucky, you may fall asleep; but then wake up after a few minutes tossing and turning as if your bed is filled with bedbugs. “Life sucks.” You think to yourself.  Nothing that your friends or loved ones say that makes you feel better. You actually feel like…

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