The Power of Chakras:

The Chakras as depicted as wheels of energy; which is a symbolic representation of our consciousness. It’s like the statue of justice: the blindfolded lady holding the balances. They actually can’t be seen (except for 1 of them), and are represented as cute swirling vortexes of light.

So what they look like isn’t important. What they do, though, is!

Think of them as DVDs that record and play back every significant event in your life; or as DVD players that can get stuck. And this happens through our Views, Assumptions and Vows

Views are the way we see the world. It is the picture we hold of what reality is like; benevolent or cruel, prosperous or scarce. It is caused by our real experiences, and not imagined.

Assumptions are all the various programmed behaviors that result from our experiences of Views.

Vows are assumptions that have an act of will behind them. Rather than “I can’t do that” it becomes “I won’t do that”. They are the most influential of all the dysfunctional energies; and as a result they determine what we attract, the way we feel and what we perceive our world to be.

Now, how do we clear these blockages from the chakras?

In my program The 14 days love Liberation Boot Camp, one gets to heal each chakra with the magical tools of EFT and Ho’oponopono. This is a recorded program on CD format, in which you will get to heal a chakra each day, for 7 days amongst other issues.
Go check it out from

Love & Light


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