Get Clear: 4 Proven Steps to stay Connected:

Stressed out today? Don’t search further. You or someone you know will gain some insights on how to snap out of stress.

Love, Men and Money


There are times when we pray, yet do not receive the answers to our prayers. We lose faith, get frustrated, and conclude that the good Lord doesn’t give a damn about us. However, in all religious books it is indicated in one way or another, that we have free will; meaning that we can create what we want, when we want, and how we want it. Nevertheless, what limits our experiences, are the layers of beliefs, memories and paradigms that separate us from who we truly are.

Our biggest challenge in life is to stay connected to the divine; the kingdom of God that dwells within us, yet maintain balance. Now, I know monks can easily do that; because they have chosen a pass of separation from the world. So, if you are like me and ain’t a monk, then how do you stay connected in the midst of…

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