Set Standards for Yourself:

Please take a moment to preview this week’s article about setting standards for oneself, and the power of forgiveness.
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Love, Men and Money


“When you don’t set standards for yourself, you fall for anything” is an adage that has been around for a while. When without standards, you are like a hunter who goes to the hunting grounds without a spear-with unrealistic-hope that your hunting buddies will spare one for you. The problem is that you have rendered yourself vulnerable to either getting a spear you don’t like or not getting any at all. If you had prepared yourself, got a spear of your size and length, you would be certain of taking part in the hunting spree.


Setting standards for yourself is a definite way of preparing yourself for the world. It involves establishing a clear and set mind of what you want in life, and then launching self-esteem benchmarks below which you won’t operate. This process requires one to program and monitor thought processes in order to eliminate all that…

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