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Love, Men and Money


You are love.

Attracting love means that we feel the love within ourselves before it can show up in our external experiences.

It’s just a matter of tapping into the abundance of love within and around us, and staying connected.

Connecting with love means that we forgive, let go of the resistance to hold onto negative emotions and experiences, and then treat ourselves with love.


Today I challenge you to do things that will ignite the love in, and for you.

What you do could be as simple as cleaning your house and getting rid of all the clutter.


  1. Have a salt bath

Image2.  Sit down and do nothing; which means no television, no phone calls. Just sit down in your couch and think about all the great things in your life.


  1. Think about love. What does it do for you? How does it make you feel? When where you last…

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