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The benefits of taking your power back are:

1. A healthier self-esteem

2. Emotional Freedom

3. Living life on your terms.

Love and light

Dr. Jacinta Mariah

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Five Steps to Help you Stop Procrastinating and then Take Action.

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So, you have a brilliant idea, product or project that you’ve been evaluating, analyzing, and consistently re-thinking about. You’ve probably taken a lot of time establishing all the reasons why you can’t take action.

In your mind, you are 100% certain about everything that could go wrong. You have basically employed yourself as the biggest block towards achieving your desired goals.

The following five proven steps will help you get started.

Step 1: Establish what you want to achieve out of your goal.

This should be something internal, a feeling or state of being that you will achieve when you realize your goal. This process will help you get in touch with your internal benefits connected to achieving the goal. In this step, you are encouraged to explain how you will feel when you achieve the goal.


Step 2. Write down 10 reasons why you haven’t taken action.

Please don’t think about all the reasons why you don’t have any reasons that prevent you from taking action. At times we have so many excuses to the extent of developing more excuses to justify our excuses.


Step 3. Write down 20 reasons why you should take action.

By establishing more reasons to take action than not to, you dispel the later reasons. This process will also help you to tap into the reasons why you set your goal.


Step 4: Establish the first step you are going to take towards achieving your goal.


Step 5. Take ACTION.

Start small. Take one step at a time. Be consistent, and stay focused.

I’m a Certified Holistic Life / Business Coach and Counselor. If you want a more personalized session to establish what is holding you back and how you can proceed to achieve your goals, contact me for a free 30 minutes phone or Skype session.

Remember, nothing changes, when we don’t change.


 Love and light

Dr. Jacinta Mariah

author@tapthegood.com, www.tapthegood.com

Three Steps To Liberate your Soul:

You’ve tried everything but failed to achieve positive results. You feel cursed.


You feel like God has anger management issues because it seems like he is angry with you for doing something that he hasn’t even told you about.

You have probably tried hundreds if not thousands of healing modalities to liberate your life, but whatever the issue is seems to be more deep-rooted than you can comprehend. What do you do?

 Here’s what has worked for me and my clients.

1.  Accept full responsibility of your situation. Understand that whatever you are going through is just your perception of it. Other people might be seeing it differently. With that in mind, understand that it is up to you to take action—consistent action towards your life liberation.


2.  Open your mind.

Remember that sometimes the solutions to our problems lie outside our belief systems. Become open to other healing modalities or systems. What you should focus on is healing your soul


3.  Spend at least 5 minutes every day doing some deep breathing. Through that process, you will be opening up your natural intuition to provide you with the perfect answers. You shall start attracting the right people, or websites that will lead you to a therapist, healer, prayer or life coach that will help you liberate your soul.

Deep breathing

Stay tuned for more.

Have you heard of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique? It works miracles to liberate people’s minds, souls, and body.

Click on this link, http://www.tapthegood.com/contact-us.html, fill out the form, send me a brief message about what is going on in your life, and get a free 30 minute consultation.

Love and light

Dr. Jacinta Mariah

Author, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Counselor.


The Source of Inventions: An excerpt from the Book: Do Not Force It, Tap The Good


Inventions are available to each of us if we open up our minds to them. It is both simple and exciting. If you want to come up with a new idea or service, begin focusing entirely on everything you do. As you go about your day, if you feel uncomfortable about anything you are doing, stop. Begin thinking about ways, means, or products that would have made your activity more comfortable or enjoyable to do.


An invention is the gap between the uncomfortable and comfortable levels. That is how cell phones were made, to bridge the gap between the discomfort of having to look for someone all over the place, and the comfort of just picking up the phone and reaching them wherever they are.


The next thing to do is search the Internet for any similar products or services that you think can bridge the identified gap. If there are none, then you have an invention. That idea right there is what you can turn into a mega product or service. The only work for you to do is to develop the confidence in the idea and pursue it limitlessly without letting anyone or anything discourage you. Remember, if you want it bad enough, you will get it.


ttg book cover

Love and Light

The Impact of Perception:

 Scissor-Lady jpg

The way one perceives a situation has direct impact on future experiences. Our interpretation of our experiences is a mapping of the beliefs that we confirmedly established at some point in the past. A very common perception among “unconscious creators” is that you perceive things the way you do because that is the way things are. Why would I refer to this as a “perceived truth” and not “Higher Truth?” Because the “Higher Truth” is that things are the way they are because of how you “perceive” them to be.


Therefore, in reality, perception is merely an individualized awareness based on a belief that you have established. If the
belief is flawed or self-limiting, the perception that you hold with regard to the belief held will be flawed and self-limiting
as well. And the results that you experience will correlate precisely with what you “perceive” to be true.

This is an exempt taken from the book – Do Not Force It, Tap The Good. This books shares lessons that the whole world can live by.

ttg book cover

Get your copy today from https://www.createspace.com/3594241 or http://www.tapthegood.com

Love and Light

Dr. Mpalyenkana, Jacinta


Truly Connecting

Thoughts to ponder…

The Spiritual Sex CEO

Spiritual sex adviceWhen you evaluate your relationship today, would you say that you are connected to each other at this level? A thought to ponder.

couple sexual kamasutra love activity silhouette

When is the last time you sat down with your partner and truly opened your mind to explore new possibilities to ignite the fire in your relationship?

black love
Have you or someone you know read the book – Becoming a Sex CEO on a Spiritual level? 

PP_Native_Cover_4564509_Front Cover

Do you believe that growth involves investing in information, and then utilizing that information to benefit your well being?

The ball is your court my friend.

Ball in your court

Love and light

Dr. Jacinta Mariah


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You are all you need!

Bible quote of the kingdom of God

So, you or someone you know might be going through some uncomfortable things. You might be wishing for someone to come to your rescue; answers to show up from somewhere; people to avail you with the solutions you need. However, if you look closely, you will discover that even those desires, wishes, and demands you are expecting from sources out of yourself, actually do originate from thoughts engrossed within yourself. This implies one thing: the source of whatever you are seeking for is right there in the core of who you are. All you need to make viable changes, make a difference, expand and grow, take action, change beliefs and thought processes, is in your core: the central part of your very being that harbors all the answers to all questions. The challenge is to connect to this core; the kingdom of God that dwells within each one of us.


However, we can use our minds to heal those very minds. We can command and demand our minds to let go of all the layers of emotions, memories, negative programming, self-limiting beliefs, negative thought processes, and whatever else needs to dissolve in order for us to re-connect to who we truly are.

kingdom of heaven

Today, and for the next couple of days I encourage you to affirm: “I release and let go of everything and anything within me, that blocks me from connecting to my true self: a self that is magnificent, unconditionally loving, creative, and powerful.”


My honest intention is to remind you my dear friend, that you are all you need!

For more affirmations, mental, emotional, and spiritual practical exercises that will unlock your mind to its full magnificence, check out the book – Do Not Force It, Tap The Good.

ttg book cover

Love and light

Dr. Jacinta Mariah