You are all you need!

Bible quote of the kingdom of God

So, you or someone you know might be going through some uncomfortable things. You might be wishing for someone to come to your rescue; answers to show up from somewhere; people to avail you with the solutions you need. However, if you look closely, you will discover that even those desires, wishes, and demands you are expecting from sources out of yourself, actually do originate from thoughts engrossed within yourself. This implies one thing: the source of whatever you are seeking for is right there in the core of who you are. All you need to make viable changes, make a difference, expand and grow, take action, change beliefs and thought processes, is in your core: the central part of your very being that harbors all the answers to all questions. The challenge is to connect to this core; the kingdom of God that dwells within each one of us.


However, we can use our minds to heal those very minds. We can command and demand our minds to let go of all the layers of emotions, memories, negative programming, self-limiting beliefs, negative thought processes, and whatever else needs to dissolve in order for us to re-connect to who we truly are.

kingdom of heaven

Today, and for the next couple of days I encourage you to affirm: “I release and let go of everything and anything within me, that blocks me from connecting to my true self: a self that is magnificent, unconditionally loving, creative, and powerful.”


My honest intention is to remind you my dear friend, that you are all you need!

For more affirmations, mental, emotional, and spiritual practical exercises that will unlock your mind to its full magnificence, check out the book – Do Not Force It, Tap The Good.

ttg book cover

Love and light

Dr. Jacinta Mariah

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