How to Attract a Loving Man

Love, Men and Money

An Excerpt from the book – Love, Men and Money: How to Attract and Retain Them:

You are love5

Before I made a profound decision to attract love, I kissed a few frogs—men who were users, non-committal, and to a certain degree mentally and/or emotionally troubled. I just couldn’t understand why I attracted such men. I knew that I was 100% consciously committed to attracting a worthy and loving relationship. I was also emotionally and mentally stable. What then, was it about me that attracted such men? As I searched for answers to heal myself, I discovered how the subconscious mind works. I learned that, even if I wasn’t consciously aware of the negative blocks within me, the data and information in my subconscious, a place that I wasn’t in touch with, were at work manifesting my experiences.

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As I dug even deeper, I discovered that my childhood had a…

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