Being Treated Like You are Not Good Enough?

Do you feel like people treat you less of who you are?

Are you at a job where you don’t feel appreciated?

Are you in a relationship where you are working so hard to be appreciated but still feel demeaned?

Are you in a partnership that makes you feel bad about yourself?

Do you want to live life on your terms?

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3 Common Fatal Mistakes that Kill Businesses

According to a recent study by the American Marketing Association, 3% of any business’s ideal customers is ready to buy. The remaining 97% have other issues that I will explain in my next article. In this article, I will explain the 3 common fatal mistakes that kill businesses.

  1. Based on the proceeding, most businesses strategize and focus all their attention on the 3% of their ideal customers, who are ready to buy. Focusing on this percentage of your ideal customers creates a fatal competitive environment that could cost you time, and especially money. Competing for the 3% is the most common reason for price wars—which consequently creates profit losses.Un healthy competition
  2. The inability to communicate and connect to the ideal customer.

Most business owners have a perfect product, service or idea, but lack the skills to communicate in a way that will captivate their customer’s attention. Communicating in a captivating manner is a skill that requires expertise and focus to master.Poor communication

  1. Procrastination and low inner drive to take action will kill any business.Procrastination

The dilemma is to find the perfect solutions to either avoid, or resolve the above fatal mistakes.

The book – Communicating Your Way to Success: Master the Art of Persuasion, Positively Influence Others, Increase Sales, and Stand Out in the Crowd, goes into depth in explaining practical processes to connect to the ideal customer. Furthermore, the author offers interactive simplified processes of how to identify the ideal customer, and especially how to use mind triggers to communicate and turn more leads into loyal customers.

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Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana, Ph.D, MBA

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A Powerful Mind Trigger For Customer Conversion

In this video, I share a powerful mind trigger that has been scientifically proven to influence others to pay attention to one’s offer or presentation.

I encourage you to try the trigger out on a new lead, and I guarantee that you will witness some interesting results. Please share your experiences by posting on this article.

In the interim, check out my newest book – Communicating Your Way to Success: Master the Art of Persuasion, Positively Influence Others, Increase Sales, and Stand Out from the Crowd.

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Are You Stressed About a Loved One’s Addictive Behavior?

When you have a loved one struggling with an addiction, it automatically affects you. Some of the most common related emotions are worry, sadness, or even anger. And once you are negatively impacted, you find yourself projecting  the same negative behavior towards the addicted loved one. The idea is to release all negative emotions towards their addictive behavior which is the only way that you will relate to them better. And relating to addictive people with compassion rather than with judgement or anger, could inspire positive behavior in them. They could even seek for help.  And I’m not saying that you become a co-dependent especially if you are in an intimate relationship with them. What I’m saying is that when you release the negative emotions towards their behavior, you will be more empowered to make better decisions for your life. It will be easier for you to protect your personal boundaries and move on especially if the person doesn’t want to seek for help.

Trust me: being emotional free and non-judgmental about their addiction will yield healthier emotions than being stressed about it.

co-dependence on addictions

Remember that if you are not an addiction specialist, or counselor, you can not help them.

In this video, I share an EFT session that can help one deal with negative emotions related to addictive behavior of his/her loved one.



Please share with anyone you know might benefit from this EFT session.

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Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana

EFT Master Practitioner

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