How Stress Can Kill You!


“If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”

− The late comedian George Burns, who lived to 100

According to an article by the Heart Institution (, the physiological changes produced by stress include increased heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and muscle tension that serve to supply adequate blood to your brain and musculoskeletal system. Higher levels of free fatty acids and blood sugar are released to provide immediate energy to survive the perceived emergency. This is what we call the well-known “fight or flight response.”

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Long-term chronic stress can wreck your nervous system through a cyclic adrenaline rush. It can cause oxidative damage to tissues in the body that leads to inflammation. It can stoke symptoms such as headache, achy neck, ulcer, allergies, and diminished sexual desire. Eventually, your body will adapt to a continued state of vigilance by producing an excess amount of the stress hormone cortisol. Too much stress, over time, can exhaust you (you “burn out”), your adrenal glands where cortisol is produced, and accelerate the aging process, harm your immune system, and even shrink vital brain tissue resulting in memory loss and problems with concentration.

This scenario is the leading but often overlooked cause of insomnia and a major contributor to mental ills (depression, obsessive compulsive and anxiety disorders), as well as physical diseases ranging from the common cold, recurrent herpes and obesity, to AIDS and cancer. It is hard to think of any disease in which stress cannot play a precipitating or aggravating role.

What develops is a vicious cycle. Add in sedentary living, sleep deprivation, abuse of stimulants, hostility, smoking, social isolation, and an unhealthy diet, and things really do go downhill.


Can Stress Kill You?

Absolutely…Acute stress is the leading cause of sudden death, especially in young healthy people with no evidence of coronary disease. But it can fell people at any age. My grandmother is an example.

Chronic stress causes heart disease. It is a clandestine cause − not fat or cholesterol − of heart attacks and arterial disease. It contributes to high blood pressure (hypertension), a risk factor for cardiovascular problems such as heart failure and sudden cardiac death and heart enlargement.

Long-term depression significantly increases the risk of heart disease. Among other effects, it actually triples the disease producing effect of smoking.

In cardiology, stress is a grim reaper that abruptly ends life by rupturing unstable plaque in a vital vessel or by triggering a lethal disturbance in heart rhythm.

When you get fired up emotionally, you’re putting a torch to your arteries. Medical research has repeatedly documented the danger of anger, chronic stress, and the negative emotional states. Yet these risk factors are rarely addressed by doctors.

How We React to Stress?

Stress comes and goes in all our lives. Your ability to adapt well to things that stress you is key for a good quality of life and health preservation. If you don’t adapt, stress can surely kill. I have no doubt whatsoever.

As a complementary resource, I have attached a resource, an eBook that you can download and use the content to help you deal with stress. In the book, I use the magical tools of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, with simplified scripts that you can follow to tap as you tune into an issue that is stressing you.

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Remember, nothing happens if nothing moves.

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Are You Waiting For Luck?

Communicating Your way to SUCCESS

I invite you to think of the most successful businesses’ or genius’ inventions. Do you think they got lucky on the first try, or do you think they were so hungry for success that they didn’t let failure stop them?

To reiterate my point, check out the facts below. 


Although failure is inevitable, it does not prevent success. The most important character trait of a leader is their refusal to give up on their goals. If Thomas Edison gave up after 10, 100, or even 1,000 times, our world would look a lot different and maybe darker.

When you let your commitment to your outcome drive you, and your business, you will truly know what it means to feel proud. What are you hungry for? What decision can you make today to get you closer to the results you desire for your business?

In my book, Communicating Your Way to Success

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Color Meanings & Symbolism Chart

Knowing what the different colors symbolize, is vital in establishing what to surround ourselves with based on what we want to be triggered within ourselves.

I came across this article and I hope it helps.

Link to article –

Color Meanings & Symbolism Chart – RED

Color Meanings & Symbolism Chart – ORANGE

Color Meanings & Symbolism Chart – YELLOW

Color Meanings & Symbolism Chart – GREEN

Color Meanings & Symbolism Chart – BLUE

Color Meanings & Symbolism Chart – VIOLET/PURPLE

Love and light

Does What You Want Deserve You?

Often times who crave to get certain things in life. We crave for jobs, relationships, cars, etc, only to get them and start craving for different things. At times when we get what we have been longing for, this is when we realize that it doesn’t resonate with our personal standards.

personal standards

As a counselor and coach, I have discovered that people long for what they don’t really want. They tend to focus so much on the  wanted “thing” instead of the feelings that the ‘thing” will elicit in them when they get it. For example; a woman craves to attract a man. And when she does, she realizes that she deserves better. This is when she also discovers that she didn’t evaluate what she particularly deserves before she established what she wanted.


My simple advice is that before you start working towards achieving a set goal, let it be a woman, man, job, promotion, car, etc, ask yourself if this goal reflects on your standards, values, and self esteem. The starting point is to evaluate how you value yourself. What makes you, you? What’s your worth?


As you ponder on the above, I have a resource for you. My book, Do Not Force It, Tap The Good: How to Tap into one’s Inner Infinite Intelligence, Develop a Profound Positive Mindset, and Live Life on his/her Termswill help you evaluate your personal standards, and then challenge you to upgrade your self-worth. 

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Check out the book on CD, Kindle, Audio and Paper back.

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Have a great week ahead.

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Why are YOU Single?

Love, Men and Money

Yes, I know. It is a straight-in-the-face question. It is unfair.


I know that we all seldom come up with reasons to support our conditions. It is human nature to protect our states, inner conflicting stories, and outer conditions. But it is not human not to change those psychological, mental and/or self-demeaning stories that do not serve us.

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Why are you single?

Is it a choice you’ve made? What brought you to that?

If you are like me, meaning that you are human–which I believe you are, I know that you want to share your life with someone. Regardless of whatever you’ve gone through in the past or currently experiencing, there is a deep and bigger part of you that wishes to feel and share the magical doze of love. Considering that love is the most powerful force in creation, you can’t escape it.


Well, I have a…

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