Why are YOU Single?

Love, Men and Money

Yes, I know. It is a straight-in-the-face question. It is unfair.


I know that we all seldom come up with reasons to support our conditions. It is human nature to protect our states, inner conflicting stories, and outer conditions. But it is not human not to change those psychological, mental and/or self-demeaning stories that do not serve us.

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Why are you single?

Is it a choice you’ve made? What brought you to that?

If you are like me, meaning that you are human–which I believe you are, I know that you want to share your life with someone. Regardless of whatever you’ve gone through in the past or currently experiencing, there is a deep and bigger part of you that wishes to feel and share the magical doze of love. Considering that love is the most powerful force in creation, you can’t escape it.


Well, I have a…

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