Advanced Law of Attraction/ Mental Technique to Attract More Money – Week 2


I hope that you’ve subscribed to my YouTube channel and was able to access last week’s video (Advanced Ho’oponopono Session to Resolve Money Blockages) If you haven’t, please click HERE

This week, we are going to access our memories to identify all the times we have connected to money through jobs, gigs, tips we’ve received, gifts and other winnings. You will be able to access memories about all the opportunities you’ve had in the past that connected you to money. This session will make it easier for you to believe that you can actually attract money.  


Click here to access the video with detailed instructions of this week’s exercises. 

If you haven’t yet, sign up for the Money Mondays Mastermind were we dive deeper to identify all negative programming that prevents us from attracting more money. 

Complete the form at and in the title indicate – “Money Mondays  MasterMind”, after which I will send you more instructions of how to join. 

Lack of money

In the interim, thanks for taking control of your life.

Tap The Good


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