Day 21 – Day of Gratitude | Law of Attraction Magnified

imagesGratitude is one of the most powerful attitudes that anyone can embrace to heal and empower their mind, body and spirit. Gratitude is not just a powerful law of attraction tool; it is also medicine for emotional distress.

Spare time to just be grateful for everything you’ve received, including those things that you haven’t. Be grateful for your body, mind and spirit. Be grateful for even those situations you’ve perceived as problems. Be grateful for the difficult people you have related to, those who have disappointed or betrayed you and for those who have blessed you.

There are times when you extend yourself and be generously kind to someone in more ways than one. But soon discover that this person secretly hated you or had ill feelings about you. However, you also get to understand that this experience is teaching you how to be, give and love unconditionally; how to forgive and move on; how to detach from all outcome; how to go with the flow of life and how to trust God within as the only constant and stable force. 

So, just be grateful for everything. And remember that with faith in God, the Universe or whatever else you believe is a higher power than yourself doesn’t make mistakes. Everything that happens in our lives is meant to inspire, educate, strengthen, stretch, transform or help us let go of who we are not.

Have faith that appearances can be deceiving. Don’t let temporary conditions perceived as unpleasant deceive you that the future will mirror the past. Everything seen is rooted in what is not seen. Everything is always working out together for your good. Life is meant for you and not against you. And for this plus more, be grateful!

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Love and light

Days 19 & 20 – Healing the Inner Child With Advanced Hooponopono

1_5aokrANKll7ezEjR2KnIAw.jpegOur inner child is the storage of all the programming upon which our lives operate. Healing the inner child and re-creating a loving relationship with it, blesses and improves our lives tremendously. Imagine having a computer invested with viruses. This computer will often multifunction or even break down. Once you clear the virus, the computer will operate normally and more efficiently.

Compare this scenario to you as the computer; imagine the hard drive of your computer as your inner child, and the virus, the negative programming. Once you clear and clean your hard drive, aka, the inner child, you will operate more efficiently with clarity, enthusiasm and progress. This session will help you do just that.

Go through this session for the next two days. If you can, do it twice a day: morning and evening.

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Love and light

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Day 18 – Denouncing Procrastination and Its Roots With Mirror Work

Procrastination is mainly manifested when inspiration is weakened or absent. It is normally drained by the fear of failure, excessive perfectionism, lethargy–low levels of energy, a lack of focus, frustration—and the like. Once you find the reason for procrastination and release it, procrastination tendencies are weakened.

This session will help you denounce the existence of procrastination and its roots out of your system. The benefits are obvious.

Love and light

Day 17 – Advanced to Release Abuse and the Related Negative Emotions

Abuse is relative depending on the perceiver. However, regardless of the intensity of the abuse, how it is was perceived or the mindset of the perceiver or their contribution to the abuse, the abused will be triggered to generate negative emotions.

In this video, we use Hooponopono to release the memory of the abuse—what was done, the energetic manifestations of this memory, the manifested subconscious program(s), the relationship with the abuse-story, the attachment to the abuse-story, negative emotions generated because of the story, how you define yourself because of this story and how you feel about the abuser.

Love and light

Day 16 – Releasing Addictive Behavior and its Root Causes

Addictive behaviorAddictions are behaviors we indulge in every time we are triggered to escape from ourselves. And we escape from ourselves when we can no longer deal with triggered emotions: emotions that are normally triggered and generated when something in our present moments take us back to our negative past. Different people escape differently. Some people find refuge in activities such as; drinking, sex, compulsive shopping, chewing body parts, gambling,  marijuana abuse, exercising, social media plus other activities that one indulges in compulsively, compressively with intent to escape their realities.

The problem with having an addictive personality is that you continue escaping from yourself, and this marinates and amplifies the negative emotions that are triggered by the memory you are escaping from. Also, the more you escape, the more you want to escape…the more you want to indulge in your short-term “behavioral” refuge. Unfortunately, eventually you will have to meet yourself and resolve, dissolve and release your attachments to your negative past. Note that the more you escape from yourself, the more work and time it will take for you to liberate yourself from whatever you are running from.

Although this session is not guaranteed to resolve all addictive behavior, it will relieve you of the related negative emotions and reward you with the clarity you need to seek more professional help and I can do that for you. If you are up to it, send me an email at

Love and light

Day 15 – Intensive Forgiveness Process with Advanced Hooponopono

Being hurt is part and partial of being human. Since we are all expressing ourselves as we are, everyone is doing the best they can with what they have within them. Sometimes, what people do triggers negative emotions or reactions within you because your inner programming projects their actions as offensive. Since we all run on programs in our inner worlds, it is impossible not to conflict or feel hurt by other people’s actions or inactions.

However, this very truth can liberate us from taking things personally and then generating negative emotions. It is up to each one of us to manage our inner worlds and make a conscious decision to limit our attention and give it to only those things that progress us. We have the power to perceive things as they are without assigning meanings or definitions to them. And I’m not saying that it is easy, but it is doable.

In the video below, we get to forgive everyone that has hurt us. This will free our minds, bodies and spirits and create more space within us to create more peaceful experiences.

Love and light…

Day 14 – Releasing all Negative Energy With the Help of the Angels:

For many centuries humanity has dealt with the effects of energy manipulations, evil eyes, witchcraft—and the like. Some people make it a full time job to manipulate and convert energy into negative vibrations, and then use their focused attention to direct it to others. Fortunately, we have the angels and the power of God on our side to help us heal our lives.

In this video, I invoke archangels, Raphael and Michael, plus the Holy Spirit to dissolve all negative energy plus its roots.

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Day 13 – Advanced Ho’oponopono to Release Control Tendencies

When we get into the habit of trying to control everything, we also set ourselves up for stress plus other emotional disorders. Apparently, for the most part, control is a child of fear: the fear that whatever happened in the past might repeat itself. So, we try to control the present and/or future with the blind faith that the control will prevent the past from reoccurring.

When we release these control tendencies we let go of something we are not and get closer to being who we truly are. And the related benefits are immeasurable.

This video explains more.

Love and light

Day 12 – Denouncing Ancestral and Generational Curses |

If you’ve been struggling a lot and have had trouble reaching your breakthrough there are a few things that could be impacting you. Among other causes, ancestral curses can impact our lives negatively.

In this video we get to denounce, resolve and clear the negative impacts of ancestral curses.

Even if you are convinced that you do not have ancestral curses plus the related problems, just go through the session because….you never know.