Day 16 – Releasing Addictive Behavior and its Root Causes

Addictive behaviorAddictions are behaviors we indulge in every time we are triggered to escape from ourselves. And we escape from ourselves when we can no longer deal with triggered emotions: emotions that are normally triggered and generated when something in our present moments take us back to our negative past. Different people escape differently. Some people find refuge in activities such as; drinking, sex, compulsive shopping, chewing body parts, gambling,  marijuana abuse, exercising, social media plus other activities that one indulges in compulsively, compressively with intent to escape their realities.

The problem with having an addictive personality is that you continue escaping from yourself, and this marinates and amplifies the negative emotions that are triggered by the memory you are escaping from. Also, the more you escape, the more you want to escape…the more you want to indulge in your short-term “behavioral” refuge. Unfortunately, eventually you will have to meet yourself and resolve, dissolve and release your attachments to your negative past. Note that the more you escape from yourself, the more work and time it will take for you to liberate yourself from whatever you are running from.

Although this session is not guaranteed to resolve all addictive behavior, it will relieve you of the related negative emotions and reward you with the clarity you need to seek more professional help and I can do that for you. If you are up to it, send me an email at

Love and light

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