Video 2 – Annual Self Renewal Series – Guided Meditation to Anchor Into Your Infinite Power| HEALING

Your first name is I am. You are, before anything is. This short guided meditation will help you anchor into your infinite power.

Listen with an open mind.

Repeat the meditation often.

Let your heart lead you back to the only truth.

Love and light

Video 1 – Annual Self-Renewal Series |Using Gratitude to Amplify Your Vibration |

“Don’t wait for others to see your value. See it yourself.” Says my later maternal grandmother.

Life has taught me that we shouldn’t wait for others to appreciate us for who we are or what we do for them. We should appreciate ourselves. We should take time to be grateful for what we’ve done for ourselves and others. By doing this, we are also being grateful for what God does within us, and through us. The consequences are that we start attracting more experiences to be grateful for.

This session will help you shift your awareness to whatever good you’ve done for yourself and others.

Tune in for video 2 of these series

Love and light