Inspirational of the Day

If you have clicked on this article, I’m certain you are ready to be inspired. However, I have nothing new to tell you today.

I came here to be inspired, myself, and I am doing this by writing this short article. I am doing what I love to do and as I do it, I feel inspired and relaxed.

What’s the point of me sharing? You may ask.

Over the years I have learned that if nothing in the external world is inspiring you, go within and search for what you already have. Search for something that you love to do, that also helps others. It could be a hobby, such as painting. You could paint with the intent to donate the painting. Whatever it is that you love doing, has potential to inspire others. As long as it is not stealing or self-destructing. I am referring to a positive hobby or skill. Just choose one of the many you have, and determine how you can use it to help someone. That’s how I know that I can’t tell you anything new that you don’t already have or know.

Giving back, even in the slightest way, is not only rewarding, but also inspiring for the giver. As you give, you start realizing that you have an abundance of resources within you.

So the question is, what is a hobby or skill that you love doing, and also believe it can inspire someone ?

Love and light.

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