You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission to Own Your Crown.

I have been following the Miss Universe, 2021 contest. And I saw many beautiful girls, whose beauty numbed my perception. These ladies are gorgeous, but above all, they projected gracefulness, confidence and inner strength. Watching them took me back to many years ago, when I competed for the Miss Uganda crown. And you guessed right, I didn’t win. But that experience equipped me with personal lessons than no other experience has awarded me. I learned that you don’t really compete with the other ladies in the contest, you compete with your inner demons, such as fear and self-doubt. Once you transcend these, there is nothing you can not do to identify what you need to change or upgrade about your identity, mind, body and soul, and then express yourself the best way you can.

As I watched the Miss Universe, 2021, contest, I thought, “What if we lived as if we were competing in a Miss Universe contest.?” How would we behave? What mindsets would we strive to have? How would we speak to ourselves?

I am sure we would exercise daily, stretch or do yoga regularly, eat healthy nutritious foods, take care of our skins, and hair. Dress to impress ourselves, imagine the best for ourselves, religiously strive at letting go of our inner demons, learn to love ourselves unconditionally, research on important global problems and think about solutions, think about how to give back to our communities, and plan on how we would make a difference in the world. I would also throw in daily meditation, to calm our minds and tap into our infinite selves.

The point is, we don’t have to wait to compete in a Miss Universe contest. We can begin today, this very moment and take care of our bodies, minds and souls. We can let go of our inner demons, right now. We can start loving ourselves unconditionally, right now. We can be confident of ourselves right now, by letting go of negative memories and beliefs. We can embark on a life long journey of feeling and looking good, thinking about what is good, being grateful for what we have, and visualizing the best for our lives. And although we might be busy with work or family, we can start considering ourselves as the most important assets in our lives. We can take time to focus on ourselves. Then, we can put ourselves first, so that we can be the best for everything and everyone else.

And guess what? There is nothing we are waiting for. We can own our crowns today!

Please share your thoughts on the new actions you are taking or plan to take, to be your own Miss Universe. Please join me in owning our own crowns.

As a side note, in my book, Command, you will get to release and let go of all deep core subconscious negative beliefs that block you from living life on your terms. You will release everything that shadows your light.

Get your copy TODAY.

Love and light

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