Session 14: Transcending The Fear of Losing Your Connection with God When You become Wealthy: (From the Book – Stimulate Your Money Magnetism)

The session below is retrieved from my newest book, Stimulate Your Money Magnetism: Advanced EFT, and Ho’oponopono Scripts to Dissolve all Your Subconscious and Conscious Money-related Fears and Stimulate Your Money Magnetism Now. There are 15 powerful sessions with scripts of advanced ho’oponopono and advanced EFT in the book. You will get to release all your negative programming about money.

Enjoy the free session below.

In case you don’t know where to tap or what the symbols mean, please refer to this diagram. And…you are welcome. 🙂

In some religions, they preach that God does not support wealth. And that it is ungodly to be wealthy. In this book, I will not indulge in religious disciplines. Rather, let me explain what I know about God.

Imagine that you decided to cover up the entire sky because you hate space. So, you collect a couple of friends and build strong and long towers in all corners of the earth. Next, you cover up the sky with thick, dark blankets that you nail into the towers. You continue patching up any gaps, spaces, and holes that you find so that the space in the sky is completely out of your sight.

Whether or not you accomplish your goal, sooner than later you realize you could only cover up the sky because you had the space in which to do so. If there was no space, you wouldn’t even breathe. You wouldn’t move. You wouldn’t be able to do anything. Your body is space, filled with whatever is in your body. For anything to be anything or anywhere, space is required. Equally, because God is infinite, “He/It” is everywhere. Just like the space in the sky and below it, we cannot escape the presence of God. God is not definite, meaning that God is not a thing or a person. God is imageless. Everything dwells in God, and God dwells in everything—unless, of course, you believe you are excluded from infinity, which belief is more fictious than fiction itself.

Money, wealth, poverty, and everything that is perceivable, and even unperceivable are in God. There is nothing without God. And this means that you cannot lose your connection with God, because you have earned or attracted more money. Note that you, the attraction of money, and the money itself, are all in God. God is also the supreme consciousness and awareness in which everything dwells. God is first and last of everything. You cannot lose the connection with existence. And God is existence, the source of existence and the awareness of existence. Try as you may, believe as you wish, deny with all the effort you have, but you can never be separate from God. You cannot escape God…and you have no choice.

Now that those facts are out of the way, let’s use the magical tools of EFT and ho’oponopono to dissolve the shadows of doubt and the egoistical based belief that you are separate from God, or that you can lose your connection with God when you become wealthy.

Let us begin.

Please refer to chapter 1 for more instructions about where and how to tap, if you haven’t already.



Please tap on the karate chop point and report the following statements.

Even though I have this fear that I will lose my connection with God when I earn more money; I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have believed for so long that I am separate from God; I love, accept, and forgive myself and everyone else involved.

Even though I have believed other people’s opinions and beliefs about God; that is okay, I am doing the best I can.

General Session: (Note: I did not design the scripts in this session using the 5 steps procedure.)

Take a deep breath and continue tapping on the meridian points as you repeat the corresponding statements.

EB: What a costly mistake to believe that I am separate from God!

SE: I have been moving around believing that God is far away from me.  

UE: I have excluded myself from God, my source, holding onto beliefs that do not serve me.

UN: Why would God hate me or disown me because I have figured out how to be wealthy? This is sheer insanity.

Chn: I am so sick and tired of not having enough money, yet I keep inventing reasons to support my scarcity-infused consciousness. This is not right.

CB: I have been living a life of lies, with beliefs and fears that limit me. Oh my God! 

UA: It is time for me to wake up to the truth that God is nearer to me than my breath. God is my supply, my life and my awareness of being.

TH: I am now open to reconnecting with God within me, well knowing that it is God who provides, and I can never be separate from Him.

Ho’oponopono Session:

Say this prayer after the above session. The idea is to tune into your heart and believe every word you say. Repeat the prayer as many times as you deem right.

Divine creator, father, mother, God, I am so sorry for believing that I am separate from you. I forgot that my very I am-ness is you. I am, is your name; and it is my name also. We are not separate. I am, because you are.

Please forgive me for dreaming and believing that all I was, was my identity.

I let go of all my delusional notions of being separate from you, God.

I release my grip on the beliefs I have developed about who God is in me and who I am in God.

I return all my attention to my source, my creator.

I love you so much, divine creator, father, mother, God.

Thank you for loving me, taking care of me even when I didn’t really know or understand our relationship, or who and what you really are. Thank you for my life, and for bringing me to this point of recognition.

I love you, and I thank you.

Take a few deep breaths and smile.

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Love and light

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