Bane of Poverty

In his book, Dollars Want Me, Henry Harrison, wrote:

“Poverty is the main cause of the unrest, the disease (the unease) that afflicts mankind. Remove poverty by right thinking, and all attendant evils will disappear. The right thinking means that there shall be on the part of the individual a change of attitude towards the Dollar. The prevalent attitude is wanting for the Dollar, belief that Dollars are power. This must be outgrown, and the attitude must be that all power is in man. Dollars are machines with power delegated to them by man. They are useless without man. Dollars want Me, is to be the thought of man. Those who think so have maintained the mastery of money flow.”

When we attach any kind of fear to money, we become slaves to money. That is why we continue killing ourselves, killing each other, engaging in cut-throat competition, dwelling in jealousy, envy, doing jobs we don’t love, living with people we hate, just to earn that dollar and survive. With that mindset, we hand over our power of decision to money, to decide how we should get it, and when. But when we remember that money is nothing without us, we relax, let go and assume our true positions as the masters of money.

Are you afraid of losing money? Are you afraid of being broke? Are you afraid of losing your financial handouts? Are you afraid of losing your connection to your tribe when you earn more money than them? Whatever your fears about money are, they restrict its flow to you. To dissolve all your money related fears, consider using, EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, used by millions to achieve emotional freedom from negativity of all sorts.

Consider getting my newest book, Stimulate Your Money Magnetism: Advanced EFT, and Ho’oponopono Scripts to Dissolve all Your Subconscious and Conscious Money-related Fears and Stimulate Your Money Magnetism Now:

Remember, energy flows where focus goes. If you are afraid of poverty, you shall dwell in poverty for as long as you are afraid. However, if you release these fears and assume your position as the channel of your wealth, wealth will be yours.

Love and light – The center of your spiritual counseling and transformational coaching needs.


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