Worry Has no Currency…

Worry is a common emotion to the human race. And unfortunately, we do it pretty well. We don’t hold back. But come to think of it: worry has no currency. It doesn’t matter how much of it you have, how long you have been doing it, or the frequency of your worrying habits, age, sex, etc, worry is still worthless. It has absolutely no positive value.

I accepted worry as a normal emotional state, and indulged in it for many years. And I concluded without reasonable doubt that worry is more of a cost than a profit. It takes away from us. It depletes us, and has a tendency of manifesting into more negative emotional states. It is wastage of our emotional spaces. Worrying is like cutting a tree branch with you seated on it. You are setting yourself up for more emotional pain. You end up feeling worse than when you started worrying. And it will definitely cost you your peace, clarity, and focused inner drive.

So, regardless of the experience, worry should be denied all your attention. Attention is power that can be used to identify viable solutions or other positive emotional and mental states.

How do we stop worrying?

We start by remembering that we are not our thoughts, experiences or even identities. We are not tied to any of our emotions. We feel, when we choose to feel whatever we choose to feel. No habit of negative thinking, or feeling is a requirement. We are not required to worry in order to provide that we have challenges or problems–regardless of what the ego mind tells us through our thoughts. What can start by observing our negative thoughts and emotions, and then denying them our attention. We hold our emotional and mental grounds and remain as detached witnesses of our negative thoughts and emotions.

What are your views about worry?


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