Day 12 – Denouncing Ancestral and Generational Curses |

If you’ve been struggling a lot and have had trouble reaching your breakthrough there are a few things that could be impacting you. Among other causes, ancestral curses can impact our lives negatively.

In this video we get to denounce, resolve and clear the negative impacts of ancestral curses.

Even if you are convinced that you do not have ancestral curses plus the related problems, just go through the session because….you never know.


Day 9 – Denouncing Loss and The Related Programming

lacher-prise-1The belief that you lost something or anyone is itself questionable. It is a concept inspired by the ego. Because in the actual scheme of things, loss is just a word we use to define situations and create perceptions that are based on our individualized programming.

When we denounce the creation of loss and let go of this programming, we create more space in our being-ness and the benefits are immeasurable. In this video, I explain this concept in detail.

Love and light


Day 8 – Denouncing all Diseases and Their Root Causes

We can use the power of faith, laughter, denunciation, mirror work, invoking the Holy Spirit, plus other spiritual and emotional intelligence techniques that can guide our actions to heal ourselves. And this doesn’t imply that we don’t seek medical attention. The point is, even the best doctor needs the patient to do his/her part during the healing process. The doctor facilitates the body with whatever it needs to heal itself. The body still has to accept the medication or whatever therapy it has been given. Therefore, the body has the upper hand in the process of healing itself.

In this denunciation process, using the mirror technique, we invoke God, our guardian angels and the Holy Spirit to Release our bodies from all disease, illness and misalignments.

Remember that faith can move mountains. If you believe this session can heal your life, it will. Peace and blessings.

Day 7- Denouncing all Negative Emotions and Their Triggers |

Denouncing the existence of all negative emotions using mirror work, will create room for more positive emotions such as love, gratitude and joy to be ignited in your being-ness.

Look out for day 8, where we shall denounce diseases, illnesses and misalignments in our bodies.

Love and light

Day 6 – Denounce all Negative Programming Using Mirror Work |

When we dwell on negative thinkingfor extended periods of time, and/or hold onto our negative memories we create habits of not only defining and perceiving our current experiences as negative, but also forecasting the future as such. What we consistently expose our senses to, also creates our programming.

Therefore, if you are consistently watching negative movies, or relating to people with negative behaviors your brain will employ mirror neurons to create a programming consistent with your consumption habits. Most importantly, we subconsciously create programs to reflect these negatives.

Note that subconscious programming is the foundation for our experiences and behavior. If the programming is negative, our behavior and experiences will mirror this negative.

Use this video to denounce the negative programming and its negative manifestations in your life.